New Zealand Greenbone Butterfish

New Zealand Greenbone Butterfish

One of the finest eating fish from New Zealand- a cross between Black Cod and Sea Bass!

SWEET, CREAMY, MOIST, SUCCULENT… Click below for more information.

The New Zealand Greenbone is usually consumed locally, but past history tells us that there is a 4-5 week opportunity for our domestic culinary talent to experience this rare delicacy.  This most popular butterfish harvested for the international market place is from the Odacidae (kelpfish) family. It can be properly marketed as “Butterfish” or “Greenbone.” It gets its second name from the forest green skin color and greenish hues in its bone structure. It is harvested in small numbers from shallow coastal waters in rocky areas around New Zealand and the Chatham Islands. Most large commercial landings are in coastal areas around the Cook Straight. The average market size is 5-10 lbs. The fillets are pure white in color with a similar cell structure and moisture content to Patagonian tooth fish (Chilean Sea Bass.) The flesh is delicate and juicy with a hint of the sea’s saltiness. It is suited for all cooking methods as it holds its moisture well and has up to 18 percent fat content. This fish is not related to the warehou species or other members of the Centrolophidae family which are called butterfish in Japan. It is also not related to walu or escolar that is sometimes marketed as butterfish in Hawaii.  This is the real butterfish, truly worthy of its name.

New Zealand Greenbone Butterfish Fillet

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