Tahitian Tuna – “A Profitable Solution”

#1 Tahitian Tuna Cryovac Loin

#1 Tahitian Tuna Cryovac Loin

Our Team was given a challenge in the second half of 2012 – “Consistent Ahi Tuna!” Everything was on the table… Price had to be consistent, quality had to be consistent, trim spec, shelf-life, packaging- EVERYTHING! We gladly accepted the challenge. Why not?? These types of solution-based programs are what we live for! It’s simple – We solve our customers’ problems day in and day out.

From July 2012 to January 11, 2013, has purchased over 13,000 pounds of Tahitian Ahi Tuna. We are pleased and humbled to report that through the hard work and support of key Customers, Fishermen, and Importers, the program is an overwhelming success! Out of the 13,000 pounds of tuna we have shipped to our customers, we have credited less than 200 pounds!! That is what we like to call quality and reliability.

We researched every market in the world to explore fishing practices, logistics in place, sustainability results, grading resources, and more. At the end of the day, Tahiti really stepped up for and our customers. Check out the program…

The Process

After midnight each night, in the early morning hours, Tahiti’s long-range vessels are unloaded. Each fish is handed one at a time to the dock hands. Immediately the fish are taken into the processing facility where they are quickly graded and hung by the tails for optimum care in preparation for the “loining” process. What happens next is truly amazing… To see a member of our Tahiti Partnership team process the whole tuna into 6-8lb loins is a work of art! In less than 2 minutes, a bigeye or yellowfin tuna will go from head-on, in-the-round to graded, skinned, bloodline removed, loined, and cryo-vac’d ready to ship to our customers throughout the United States. It’s nothing short of incredible… And the only reason this program exists is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers!

The Specs

  • Trim – Skin-Off, Blood-Line-Out, Chain-on, 100% yield
  • Size – 60-120# start-weight, Bigeye or Yellowfin, 6-8lb loin
  • Grade – #1-#2+ Sashimi
  • Color – deep cherry red (will bloom once exposed to oxygen)
  • Pack – OTR Crio-Vac (breathable bags)
  • Shelf Life – 6-10 days from delivery in your kitchen

Nearly every program we have started by listening to our customer’s needs and finding the best solutions available in the marketplace. You – our greatest contacts in the industry – inform us of needs that exist. We work on your behalf to solve your problems. These types of programs are what gets us fired up to serve our customers!!

Does this sound like a solution that would work well for you? Contact our team at 877-710-3467.

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