Market Report: 2013 New England Fishing Expectations

Day Boat Large Atlantic Cod

Day Boat Large Atlantic Cod

May 1st begins the 2013 New England Fishing Season. With new regulations in place the Season will change the face of quota, availability, price, and marketability. These are the benchmarks that facilitate, what some believe to be, the future of New England Fishing. As New England Fisheries Management and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration debate the best scenarios for fishing regulations on Scallops, Groundfish, and other New England staples, stand ready to continue quality product and service above reproach. To learn more about our forecast, click below…

Atlantic Cod will be the most affected by new regulations. The focus is primarily on fishing locations, age of fish in those locations, harvest gear utilized, specific spawn times, and general quotas for the industry as a whole. The largest impacted Fishery will be the Trawlers, who typically set market pricing. At first glance, the regulations will close 77% of the Gulf of Maine and 61% of George’s Bank Cod Trawling. The Total Allowed Catch [TAC] has very little change in the new regulations. However, Cod species demand certain environments to thrive. The closures directly affect the best environments for Atlantic Cod.

Haddock seem to be a bit guilty by association with the Cod. The healthier biomass of this species cannot be trawled without the capture of Cod. This disallows the trawling for Haddock in the closed areas. This will result in a speculated 50% to 70% reduction in market availability. Proposals are in place to assist recreational and Hand Gear fishermen to enter these areas to catch Haddock and other species that have a healthier population. These measures would allow the continuance of product in the market, but inflate the prices assuredly.

Winter Flounder have been regaining targeted biomass, but will also be affected in the closings.  Flounder are more tolerant of varied sea floor environments, so the species could theoretically be harvested in many other fishing locations. However, the speculated market availability will be reduced by as much as 30%. This will also affect demand and inflate pricing.

A speculated 50% to 70% of Cod, Haddock, and other Groundfish, caught by Trawl and other large harvest gear, will face closures beginning May 1st. Scallop Dredging will also find approximately 30% less available fishing locales. This will certainly impact fisheries. No matter the side that is taken by each individual in the matter, we collectively want a solution to supporting the fishing industry while strengthening its future.

Sea Scallops
Scallops have been regulated for some time, but the [TAC] quota will be reduced dramatically this season. In 2012 the Total Allowed Catch was around 58 million pounds. The projected quota is approximately 20-25 million pounds less than last year. The regulations focuses on Atlantic sea scallop fishery for the 2013 fishing year, including days-at-sea allocations, individual fishing quotas, and sea scallop access area trip allocations. We may ultimately see decreases in market availability of Yellowtail Flounder that typically accompany Scallops in harvest. The reduction will affect availability and inflate market prices.

Solutions utilizes a variety of Hand Gear and Day Boat sources which will allow us to provide availability to our customers. We will remain diligent in our efforts to secure abundant species for the Chefs/Restaurants with these acute needs, and provide profitable solutions to a fluctuating market.

As a Solutions-based company, understands the need for supporting our customers, as well as the fisheries. By employing various avenues, we can feel positive with the products that our customers depend upon in their successes. shows a strong presence in New Bedford Seafood Auction, Boston Display Auction, Boston Pier, and a multitude of Day Boat operators who supply some of the best quality in New England. As the restrictions on Trawl and Net Fishing are applied, count on us to provide the New England Species from Hook & Line sources that can facilitate abundantly.

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