Day Boat Fresh Acadian Rockfish

Acadian Rockfish Fillet

Acadian Rockfish Fillet is excited to announce a new product line geared towards value conscious customers looking for an excellent day boat product that is quality, versatile, and highly affordable (can you say margin maker?!). The Acadian Rockfish is sourced from the Gulf of Maine and is a true success story of sustainability.

Acadian Rockfish is a member of the same genus as California’s Red Rock Cod and Blackgill; Alaska’s Yelloweye, Red Banded and Rough Eye; Japan’s Kurosoi and a multitude of others. The flesh is a beautiful opaque white and the skin is a vibrant Red Orange. The frigid temperatures of the Gulf of Maine induce “fat” storage for body temperature regulation. Acadian Rockfish boasts the moisture content of Haddock and Hake with a precise portion control ability. The culinary applications are limitless, but prefer moderate heat and short cook times. Fillet size averages a consistent 3-4oz each and are about 6-8 inches long. The Acadian Redfish flavor profile is very mild with a large, loose flake and is open to countless flavoring techniques. House blended blackening spices and fresh garden herbs find a perfect canvas in Rockfish. Preparation techniques are highly versatile – Roast, Saute, Poach, Sous Vide or Grill (skin-on).

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