R+D: U5 Dayboat Cape Cod Sea Scallops

U5 Cape Cod Sea Scallops

U5 Cape Cod Sea Scallops

5-8 miles off of Cape Cod (where land is still visible), a Day Boat Operator trawls for some of the largest Sea Scallops available on the market. We are fortunately poised to procure these Scallops for overnight shipping to your door. This is an exclusive to our Customers that can have a great impact on your subsequent sales. The season just opened on April 15th and will be you #1 provider of these beautiful culinary delicacies. This is a “Feature” item that will surely impress the guest – just watch the cell phone cameras flash once they hit the table!

The Scallops have been tested and reviewed by our expert staff and fit the highest criteria within our nearly 100 years combined seafood and culinary experience. No auction, no freezing, no “dipping”, no treating – Just pure Sea Scallop with a refreshingly sweet ocean flavor. We prepared the Scallops in our test kitchen with Sea Salt, Black Pepper, and Pure Olive Oil. Simple, Simple, Simple. We seared the Scallops over Medium High Heat in a heavy sauté pan for mere minutes on both sides. No “milky” substance in the bag, no “fishy” smell, no “leaking” in the pan, no “bubbly foam” around the scallops, and minimal liquid drainage upon resting. The sugar content was very high and yielded deep, rich caramelization (the proof is in the picture).

Without sounding “Used Car Sales-like”, ACT NOW! will be the most direct and freshest program for these beautiful Cape Cod Sea Scallops while the quotas are open on this size. Get in while the getting’ is good… Also, please visit us (and like/follow us) on our Social Media Platforms for announcements, news, product availabilities, and plenty of eye candy.


80UP Halibut - Oceannaire Dallas

60UP Alaskan Halibut – Oceanaire Dallas

80UP Halibut - Bonnell's Fine Dining

80UP Alaskan Halibut – Bonnell’s Fine Dining

They always say everything is bigger and better in Texas… If you don’t believe that by now, check out these Alaskan Halibut that Oceanaire Dallas and Bonnell’s Fine Dining in Fort Worth received last week. If you want to brag about monster slobberknockers like these on your facebook page, give us a call!! We’ve got them all day, every day from the icy waters of the Sitka Sound direct to your front door…

What can be said about Alaskan Halibut that you haven’t heard from your own voice while eating it?? MMMMMMMM usually sums it up. The thick, translucent fillet offers a culinary canvas that is rivaled by only a handful of other species. The Alaskan Halibut is one of the most recognized food fish in Fine Dining across the United States. The applications of Alaskan Halibut are limitless and one that you can “experiment” with all available resources. Alaskan Halibut boasts some of the highest fat contents in any “white” fish. This translates to extreme moisture, silkiness, and perfect texture. is dedicated to being your Number One Resource for the very best and freshest Alaskan Halibut available in the marketplace.