Market Report: Baja Peninsula Summer Fishing

Artisanal Fishing On A 16ft Panga - Sea of Cortez

Artisanal Fishing On A 16ft Panga – Sea of Cortez

June and July have historically been some of the highest volumes and greatest diversity of fresh, day boat Baja fish species. This is due to warming ocean currents and the migratory patterns and spawning cycles around the Baja Peninsula and the Sea of Cortez.

We will likely see large volumes of Cortez Fluke and California Halibut starting in the second week of June, as that has been a historical trend. In addition, California White Seabass will also open more fishing areas locally on June 16th. The Baja production seems to have a spike every year at the exact same time, so often that there is a high production of day boat fish from the Sea of Cortez and Baja Peninsula by June 20th.  Sudden high inventories lead to price breaks which we anticipate this year again.

Cabrilla Grouper is also running now and we expect higher than normal volumes of Baja Black Seabass in June and July. A wide range of snappers such as Pargo and Huachinango (Red) are moderately running right now. We will also see a moderate but steady supply of exotic species such as Gold Spotted Sand Bass and Baja Sculpin (aka “Scorpionfish”) as well. Corvina season looks to be ending, however.

Yellowtail Jack (aka “Wild Hamachi”) is sporadic but volumes are high when we see fish. There may be zero fish for a few days, and then we will see several thousand pounds over the course of a few days. We are expecting high volumes later in June and into July. Current inventories remain constant.

At, we are committed to being your trusted advisor in the global marketplace, and we will keep you updated on these trends as they continue to develop.

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