New Zealand Iki Jime Direct

NZ Iki Jime - Tai Snapper, Red Snapper, Kingfish, Trevally

NZ Iki Jime – Tai Snapper, Red Snapper, Kingfish, Trevally

Iki Jime is an ancient Japanese technique of killing and bleeding fish at the time of capture. A needle or rod is inserted into the brain or spinal cord (depending on the species) of the fish as it is landed. Then there is a slight incision at the tail to bleed the fish out, and it is kept in rigor in an icy slush bath. Instantaneous death best preserves the texture and quality of the flesh. This unique method not only preserves the quality of the flesh, it also reduces an environment for bacteria and pathogens to grow and minimizes overall stress on the fish. Iki jime is the most humane way of killing fish. The result is ultra clean and quality sashimi grade product – the best on Planet Earth! offers a direct import opportunity for any chef looking for Iki Jime killed fish. Less than 2 days out of the water upon receipt is the freshest direct program available in the United States. We offer multiple species to fit any demographic. Iki Jime fish are suitable for nigiri, sashimi, sushi, and any other preparation method that demands the highest quality. Preparing and serving fresh and clean seafood creates an unrivaled dining experience. works directly with a select group of fisheries in New Zealand that offer this amazing program. These state-of-the-art vessels fish only inside regulated waters in New Zealand, and strict guidelines are met to ensure sustainability. For years these boats were only exporting to Europe and Asia, but you know us – we have decided to bring the program to full-time distribution across the United States and Caribbean! All it takes is a little planning and a 2 day preorder, and you can have the highest quality fish on the planet direct on your doorstep from!

We only pack to order for this highly specialized program. When an order comes in to, we place it directly with the fishermen. If you want 10 snapper, they only catch 10 snapper. They don’t bring in hundreds or thousands of pounds at a time. They only fish for the exact number they are given! Each order is caught, Iki Jime killed, bled, and bathed in an icy seawater slush then docked to be packed and shipped directly from New Zealand to our importer in Los Angeles. From there, the gel packs are changed and shipped from LA direct to anywhere in the United States. It doesn’t get any better than this!!!

New Zealand Iki Jime Fish List: Alfonsino “Kinmedai”; Blue Cod “Tara”; Fluke “Hirame”; Frost Fish “Oberadachi”; John Dory “Matodai”; Kingfish “Hiramasa”; King Salmon “Masunosuke”; Scorpionfish “Aka Kasago”; Red Snapper “Madai”; Tai Snapper “Kodai”; Tarakihi “Shimakurodai”; Trevally “Shimaaji”

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