Valentine’s Day 2014 Menu Planning

Valentine's Day 2014 Menu Planning

Valentine’s Day 2014 Menu Planning

Timing is Key

While Valentine’s Day is a month away (Friday February 14, 2014), the time for menu planning is here. wants to make this the easiest procurement, with phenomenal product and service. While you look to the “Two-Top Bombardment”, we look to assist in the “Wow” of your menu. has the products to do just that!

Some products bring about “Free Marketing” thanks to Facebook, Instagram, and other Social platforms. Imagine the “Water Cooler” discussions about the “largest Shrimp ever seen”, or “the most tender Wagyu Beef”.

Here are a few “Show Stoppers” that we carry. We hope that it assists in your menu planning.

Regrouping First Quarter Menus

2014 Menu Plan

2014 Menu Plan

Looking At Your 1st Quarter Menu?  

Let Look For You. 

 Happy 2014,

Whether you are a long time customer or just searching for options, is positioned to assist in quelling First Quarter Challenges. Make January successful! can provide market information and product for any scenario. Lean on us. We have your success top-of-mind.

Inventory control, profitability, and product management is paramount in the opening of a new fiscal year. would like to be a part of your solutions. After all, we are a solutions based company. 

When sales are booming, we are a procurement and a service “Go To”, and should leaner times occur, we snap into action with these valuable attributes. 

Vast Product Line for Menu Development

Portion & Cost Analysis on All Products Offered 

Value Added Products with the Highest Quality

All-In-One Procurement Strategies

“Restaurant Week” Menu Planning Assessments

Species Marketing & Server Training Assistance

Guaranteed Product with a “No Loss” Commitment

Chef Focused Website for “On-The-Fly” Questions & Ordering

Dedicated Staff with 150 Years Combined Experience