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Butternut Squash Risotto, Haricot Vert, Red Pepper Relish
Saffron-Vanilla Bean Buerre Blanc

“I promised my Rep – Chris Nelson – that I’d “show him love” if he could impress me with the quality and value on the Halibut on top of getting it to me when I needed it. He delivered on all promises. I’ve always found this particular product well worth the extra up front investment in purchasing dollars. I was delivered all large fillets cut from 40/60 fish, and I was able to cut thick, beautiful portions similar in sizing to an 8oz filet. We easily sold 80 entrees over the past 3 days. I feel I probably could have gotten a few more dollars on my menu without affecting sales. This product is not going to lower your food cost, but it doesn’t have to hurt it, and it can help to increase your check average and also the all important ability to WOW your guests!!

Anyways… I highly recommend the Sitka, AK Co-Op Halibut from if you’re looking for something special to run during spring/summer. These guys delivered on their promise and the product is well worth the endorsement.

And no… is not cutting me a check for this testimonial. It’s the REAL DEAL!”

-Chef Erik Blomstrann

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