Executive Chef Jason Liao – Preview Modern Seafood Cuisine

Chef Jason Liao - Preview Modern Seafood

Chef Jason Liao – Preview Modern Seafood

Hiramasa Presentation - Preview Modern Seafood

Hiramasa Presentation – Preview Modern Seafood

“As a restaurant that specializes in serving top of the line global seafood, one of the most essential relationships that must be established is the one between the chef and purveyor. has gone above and beyond to meet my needs at my restaurant and I highly recommend them to anybody seeking high caliber seafood products in the industry. My vision for Preview Modern Seafood is to bring innovative seafood, fresh global cuisine, and a new approach to fine dining to the Houston suburbs. I want to be the top seafood destination for the greater Houston area!” – Chef Jason Liao

Executive Chef Jason Liao

Jason began his career in the restaurant industry at the age of eighteen starting off as a waiter at Sushi Niichi while he was attending the University of Texas. Originally studying to be an engineer, a series of life circumstances led him to enter the restaurant field full time at the age of twenty one when he began his sushi training as a apprentice at Umi Sushi Bar and Grill in Austin, TX.

A year later, Jason left Umi and joined his original restaurant mentor David Hsieh in his newly opened Nanami Sushi Bar and Grill in South Austin. Recognizing Jason’s growing creativity behind the line and rapport with sushi bar customers, David stepped back and allowed Jason to hone his skills with little to no restriction. Jason continued to advance, quickly passing up the rest of the sushi line in both skill and knowledge of the cuisine. A year later, David handed over the reins and promoted Jason to head chef of the sushi line.

With his new position, Jason began to truly work towards his ambitions of becoming a renowned chef and brought local attention to the family owned South Austin restaurant. He began to take influence from other schools of cuisine as well as chefs and began creating his own brand of “modern fusion.” He devised tasting menus based on his creations and garnered a following among Nanami’s regulars.

He first hit the media on the cover page of Austin 360 in the featured article One Man’s Journey Into Sushi, a anecdotal account of reporter Jason Whaley’s experience with Jason. Soon, other media began to take notice. So far he has been featured in notable blogs The Alcoholian, ATX Food News and others as well as becoming a nominee for Eater Austin’s Hottest Chef’s in 2012. In 2013, he was featured along with other Nanami’s staff in Community Impact magazine shortly before he parted ways to return to his hometown Houston to begin a new chapter in his life. His first restaurant, “Preview”, is named such because Jason feels that it is his first true debut in the restaurant scene, and that there is “more to come”.

Check out Preview (Official Site) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please give them a like and a follow – Their plate presentations are awe-inspiring works of art!

(The Bio of Chef Liao was provided by Preview Modern Seafood Cuisine.)

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