Seasonal Alert – Baja Day Boat Fresh Shrimp


Thinking Shrimp is craving Shrimp. There’s probably a song there somewhere. Shrimp is the most beloved, consumed, and requested seafood in the world. Snap, crunch, sweet, butter, and deliciousness are the reasons, and wants to put the best of snap, crunch, butter, and deliciousness in your walk-in.

Baja Fresh Shrimp provide a bright balance that stands on its own in the sometimes congested shrimp offering. Litopenaeus vannamei. Widely known as Mexican White Shrimp or Whitelegs, the Baja Shrimp have a unique “fat’ from cold Pacific waters. The nutrient rich Sea of Cortez and Gulf of California supply the algae blooms that fuel this Fall migrations.

Harvested off of the fishing villages of the Baja Peninsula, day boat trips produce small catch, hand graded, superior Shrimp for you and your guests. Coastal quality anywhere. Feature it this weekend.

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