2015 California Spot Prawns

Spot Prawns

An early season opener has begun. The first of February saw commercial openings off Point Arguello, California. Just North of Santa Barbara, the Point Arguello opener launched the California season with good numbers. This lifts expectations for a stellar season.

California Spot Prawns boasts incredible sweetness and a perfect mix of Lobster and Shrimp Flavors. The Meat of the Spot Prawn has a phenomenal “SNAP” and finishes very silky. The Spot Prawn inhabit deep water and pack on “fat” to regulate body temperature. This translates to a beautiful product that interacts with quick cooking methods to retain “fat” in the finished dish. California Spot Prawns also have a wonderful crudo appeal. The Prawns are sushi grade and offer an elevated Ama Ebi application. secures the California Spot Prawn from Live Tanks in San Diego. The Prawns are shipped Priority Overnight to ensure the highest quality in the marketplace. Live shipping is available, however, “Fresh Kill” is preferred. The live prawns are submerged into near freezing ice water and killed instantly. This preserves the Prawn, and inhibits enzyme activity.

California Spot Prawns from is a phenomenal way to celebrate the sweetness of the Pacific Ocean. With cool temperatures and a robust salinity, the waters of Southern California produce a pinnacle in Saltwater Prawns. Allow to serve your menu, team and guests with California Spot Prawns.

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