Follow the River

Follow the River

2015 Alaskan River Chinook Approach

In the coming months will “Follow the River”. We begin in the early parts of May tracing the Alaskan Chinook River Runs. Our intent is to bring the marketability of the best “Salmon Story” to our customers while taking a brief tour of the Alaskan River Systems. Along the way we will showcase the pristine rivers and watersheds of Alaska and offer their bounty direct to our customers. This will be an entertaining way to learn more about the rivers, openings, management, trace-ability, and species while simultaneously sourcing the Salmon of specific fisheries. The goal will be to attribute to your successes in sourcing and presenting a highly recognizable product. Look for the upcoming “Copper River Opening”, and allow to provide a menu able Chinook for the 2015 “River Run”.


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