Ocean Tides Seasonal Menu Planning Guide ~ June Edition

Chef – June is for Florida Fish!
Southern Atlantic & The Gulf of Mexico
Florida Reef let’s you inspire the kitchen and treat your guests to the extraordinary! Each month will supplement your monthly menu planning by featuring a seasonal direct program from a specific region of the globe. Now that summer is in full swing, June is the ideal month to feature species from Florida, the South Atlantic, and the Gulf of Mexico. Our direct programs will bring the outstanding culinary experience of the Florida Coast directly to your restaurant, menu, team, and guests. Get fired up because this week we will feature Groupers! Contact your sales rep today to build your ideal box.
Chapter 3: Groupers
Black Grouper (Mycteroperca bonaci) – Black Grouper is to dining as Macallan is to drinking. It is “Fine Dining” at its pinnacle. Black Grouper screams sophistication while simultaneously offering a laid back and breezy Florida feel to any menu. From features to tasting menus to a la carte, the Black Grouper brings the epitome of Florida Dining to the table. Sweet, moist, and brilliant flake makes the Black Grouper on of the most recognizable fish in the Eastern U.S. Its deep translucence of bright white flesh cooks to to a tender and succulent finish just begging for the fresh flavors of late Spring and early Summer fare. Simple herbs, citrus, and young vegetables easily accompany any preparation technique. Black Grouper has a deep concentration of natural sweetness that caramelizes to a perfect seared “crust” while maintaining an abundance of moisture and tenderness. Marketability with so many applications is readily offered in very few species. This makes Black Grouper a stand out in upscale dining.
Red Grouper (Epinephelus morio) – Red Grouper is a stellar example of why Florida seafood has always held some of the highest regard. A light and versatile species that continually queries its relation to other Groupers. Is it tender? Yes. Does it cook to a perfect paper white? Yes. Is it moist and flaky? Yes. Does it have depth of flavor? Yes. For Chefs who cook with “big” flavor, the Red Grouper offers a slight earthiness that is unique in Groupers. It has a versatile diet that allows for a faintly deeper richness in its flavor profile. Like a craft beer, small batch whisky, or an excellent wine, the Red Grouper brings complexity. Though slight, the bigger flavor of Red Grouper stands up to more aggressive “Sets”. Its a canvas for bolder seasonings, heartier herbs, and richer sauces than fairer Groupers. Red Grouper perfect for center of the plate presentation, while lending itself to countless other options.To Grill, Saute, Fry, Smoke, or Ceviche? That’s the only question needed.

Bigtooth Corvina (Isopisthus parvipinnis) – While not a Grouper, the Corvina offers something to every Chef. A dynamic fish with an attractive price point. Corvina is spectacular food fish with a global reputation. Corvina represents the prime table fish of many countries. Because of its incredible  characteristics, Corvina may be one of the most under sung Florida fare. The Corvina resemble Redfish, fillets like Grouper, and taste like Snapper – for a fraction of the cost. This is a large flake, moist, and sweet food fish that strongly represents the bounty of the pristine Southern Atlantic. The similarities in the plate presentation between Corvina and other Florida fine dining species are uncanny. If you are looking for a great species that makes a statement while running a great food cost, look to Bigtooth Corvina.

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