Chef – California & The Baja Crush It In July!

California Coast & Sea of Cortez

Baja Reef

Chapter 2: “White” Fish

White Seabass (Atractoscion nobilis)

White Bass3

Pacific White Seabass is an inspirational, seasonal rock star! The season opens fully this week with plenty of stellar fish now coming from the Baja and into Southern California a bit later. The White Seabass is a sustainability success story who’s management models are now mimicked by many fisheries. With a terrific return of biomass and an outstanding taste, texture and visual appeal, the White Seabass certainly is deserving of its place on inventive and indulgent menus around Southern California. When menu development teams search for species with light yet boastful flavors, the White Seabass fills the niche. It offers a large, loose flake that is brimming with moisture. The cooked flesh displays an admirable stark white that is an impeccable centerpiece for the brilliant ingredient colors of Summer. Now is the time to order Pacific White Seabass. The catch numbers are lofty. Great runs are expected this entire week, and has a direct opportunity for the concentration of offloads. If you need a budget crusher to finish the 2nd and begin the 3rd quarters, White Seabass should be on your menu and feature boards. Sophistication with an impressive value…

California Halibut/Flounder (Paralichthys californicus)

Halibut Cortez3

California Halibut is a prized monster “Flounder” that truly brings the best of Flatfish to the SoCal seafood scene. Large “Barn Door” beasts make statements while maintaining a very light and clean flavor profile. A host of cooking methods ensure a perfect flake with ample moisture. Whether you are looking for a traditional dish or pushing the limits of eclecticism, Cali Hali can be introduced with ease. It also opens up to the demure seafood diners who use the word “fishy”. While we think that word is profane, it is used by diners from time to time. This can be addressed with a resounding “No”. This is an incredibly mild and sweet fish that transcends the hesitations of the timid. The season is open, and we have your Flatfish.

Baya Grouper (Mycteroperca jordani)

Grouper Baya2

Baya, meaning Gulf, are the explication of “Big Grouper”. Market sized at “30 up”, the Baya Grouper offer that “baseball” cut that screams “Steakhouse”, while providing the sweetness and flake that makes Grouper so popular. This species offer the brilliance of white translucence and a stunning, yet slim, bloodline. The attractive Baya Grouper offers not only a phenomenal dining experience, but also a great harvest origin story. Baya Grouper, and other offerings are caught utilizing a fishing technique called hand-lining. Baja Peninsula fishermen have perfected this centuries old style and load their Pangas with the most prized species in the Pacific and Gulf of California. This is a tale of family, village, and heritage. This is a species that truly relates the guests to a fantastic dining experience as well as a historical fishery. Daily trucks reach the docks and transport the haul directly to San Diego for overnight shipping. Freshness and quality are paramount to the fishermen as well as It is our privilege to support this fishery. For a fantastic Grouper, try Baya in your next feature.

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