White Seabass Is White Hot! It Is The “Money” Fish This Week!

Pacific White Seabass – Special Edition 

White Bass3

Pacific White Seabass (Atractoscion nobilis)

We have recently touched on the flavor and texture of the Pacific White Seabass. It has the moisture of Wild Striped Bass, the clean finish of Grouper, the flavor of Redfish, and the flake of Toothfish. A brilliant flesh of paper white and a usability that crosses all culinary landscapes can be found in Pacific White Seabass. As if these we not enough, The White Seabass has a multitude of other features that is sure to make it a worthy species on your next feature or menu offering. I mean “Noble” is right in its scientific name…

Sustainability: The management of Pacific White Seabass is a true testament to proactive conservation. Not only is this species incredibly resilient to biomass depletion, they also are tightly accounted in the specific waters of our supply. Typically netted in the other fisheries, the California and Baja fisheries lean heavily on a hook and line harvest method. With a 3 month closure during spawn, the White Seabass are guaranteed a recuperative reproduction period that ensures its survival. The seasonal runs are a magnificent onslaught of an amazing food fish, and it appears that it is here to stay.

Marketability: “Seabass”! Though it isn’t a true Seabass, (well neither is Chilean), it has a well accepted and approved moniker that is sure to draw the diner’s eye to that menu item. If it didn’t hold up to “Seabass” criteria, it would simply be called Weakfish, and it just isn’t.

Cost Effectiveness: Imagine flying in the freshest Pacific White Seabass from San Diego to your location, processing it to a healthy 7 or 8 ounce portion, alerting your staff to its supple characteristics, developing flavors and cooking parameters, and then wording the Feature or Menu to inspire the guests to salivate. When business overtakes creativity and you must price it, think this… In the low $20’s you are well under 30% cost, and in the low $20’s you’ll definitely be leaving money on the table. Also, if you need that lunch portion around $15.00 menu price, this is your fish. Let your Summer profits soar with Pacific White Seabass.

A usable, profitable, marketable, and sustainable protein is waiting for you and your team. With constant offloads from daily boats, ensures the freshest Pacific White Seabass available to our customers. This is a perfect time to enjoy the appeal and profitability of Pacific White Seabass. It’s a no risk endevour. Call!

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