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Chef – It’s Summer in New Zealand. 

Bluenose, Groper & Trumpeter lets you inspire the kitchen and treat your guests to the extraordinary! Each month will supplement your monthly menu planning by featuring a seasonal direct program from a specific region of the globe. Our direct programs will bring the outstanding culinary experience of each region directly to your restaurant, menu, team, and guests.

Our November “heats up” in New Zealand. Summer is on and the offerings mount a strong presence with Our direct shipping boulevards allow our customers to receive the freshest and highest quality product from the Southern Hemisphere. We look to our late Autumn menu availability and rejoice in a full spectrum of brilliant selection. As we begin to cool dramatically, warm up to the “FIRE” that is Seafood of New Zealand. New Zealand is one of the most recognized fisheries on the planet, and their product is just a day away. Reach out to to find your perfect menu-able species.

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Bluenose “Antarctic Butterfish”  (Hyperoglyphe antarctica)

Bluenose Whole

Bluenose, otherwise known as Antarctic Butterfish, is a cousin to the Atlantic Barrelfish (Hyperoglyphe perciformis) . If you’ve ever tried Barrel in the Southeast, you know it is spectacular. However the Barrel can’t hold a candle to its cold water kin. Bluenose is a go-to replacement for many Chefs as Alaskan Halibut draws to a close. Its incredibly tender characteristics offer alternatives to not only Halibut, but satiate cravings for Grouper, Black Cod, Haddock, and other extremely flaky whitefish with an abundant moisture levels. Fortunately, Bluenose fills those menu spots while maintaining a familiar Bass-like presence that makes it a unique and desirable species of its own.  Bluenose is a mid-sized species with a market size of 5-10 lbs. It can grow much larger, but fish under 20 lbs are considered the optimal eating quality.
Bluenose is by far New Zealand’s most famous “Bass” export, with a lofty demand for this fish in their overseas markets, especially Australia and the USA. Bluenose stands as a great representation of the ever impressive New Zealand Fishery. utilizes sanctioned fleets in managed waters to supply our customers with the New Zealand Bluenose. Operating with the largest New Zealand importers, our Bluenose offers guaranteed freshness, and ultimate quality.

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Groper “Stone Bass”  (Polyprion Oxygeneios)

Groper Lee

Groper, aka Hapuku and Stone Bass, is one that many need to try. It also has a Southern Atlantic cousin the Wreckfish ( Polyprion americanus). With a premium “Bass” appearance, Groper falls right into applications that have no boundaries. Holding immense “fat” levels is a quality that links ties to its distant family of Rockfish, but a Groper’s size makes it a formidable Grouper substitute on any menu. Groper have a large flaking flesh with a pronounced clean sweetness. The flesh cooks to brilliant white that plays well against adaptive colorful “sets”. The high moisture content protects against slight over cooking, and maintains silkiness in high heat methods.
Groper is found mainly on the east coast of New Zealand, from Kaikoura and the Cook Strait north, but there are also fishing grounds on the west coast of the South Island. It is fished in waters of 300-1500 feet (100-500m) using long-lines only. offers the Groper from direct avenues to the fisheries. With overnight shipping from the importers, our Groper is the definition of fresh fish. Try Groper for your feature and have a world class “Bass” crush it in sales.

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Trumpeter Bass (Latris lineata)


Trumpeter, aka  Stripy, Real Trumpeter, Copper Moki, Kokikoh, have had a long rich history as a favorite food-fish in the Southern Hemisphere. It has gained limited recognition in the USA because of inventive Chefs who look to the extraordinary in seafood. Trumpeters are powerful fighting fish. This gives the flesh a flaky yet firm texture. They inhabit the cool waters of Southern New Zealand in the Bay of Plenty and Chatham Island. The pristine water quality offers a clean and subtle flavor with hints of earth and mineral to the overall profile of the Trumpeter. Comparable to groupers and sea bass, the Trumpeter is welcomed by even the most discerning fish lover. The Trumpeter have a “uniform” bass-like shape for easy portioning. The culinary aspects are as vast as the common names of the fish. Lean and clean flavors open up to any preparation.
Trumpeters are typically a feast for the natives and, supply to the USA isn’t as prolific as other species. positions ourselves to receive Trumpeter as well as the more popular selections. This allows our customers and their guests to experience Trumpeter more often than other distribution routes. The direct connection with the fisheries via the importers enable a consistent and readily available inventory of the best “Bass” of New Zealand.

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