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Chef – Perfect Prawns for Proper Preparation. 
The Highlights of Prawn. lets you inspire the kitchen and treat your guests to the extraordinary! Each month will supplement your monthly menu planning by featuring a seasonal direct program from a specific region of the globe. Our direct programs will bring the outstanding culinary experience of each region directly to your restaurant, menu, team, and guests.

December is set to showcase the best of the best in specialty and ultra high end fare. We offer these daily, but the Holidays scream for the upper tier. The parties are mounting, and the giving of gifts are top-of-mind. Gift your guests with chic menu alternatives. Look to to make wishes come true.

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Mediterranean Carabineros  (Plesiopenaeus edwardsianus)

Carabineros are “Parte superior del mundo”. Top of the world!!! Carabineros reign supreme in Mediterranean Fine Dining, and are accepted as the height of Red Shrimp globally. Red Shrimp boast a natural Lobster-Like Sweetness and a very Robust “Sea” Flavor. Revered for the almost absurd size the Carabinero is by far the largest Red Shrimp on the market. Culinary applications demand skill and respect of the product. Treat as a delicate small Lobster and it presents a protein without reproach. And don’t get us started on the head… Full of buttery gelee that melts to a remarkable sauce base that weighs in with any starter in the kitchen. Massive Prawns yield massive heads that yield the greatest treasure for the saucier. It has to do with the “fat”. They love the cold.  Caribeneros are a deep water species inhabiting the extreme depths of the pristine Mediterranean Sea. Shrimp fleets of Spain net these phenomenal robust creatures and immediately grade, size and freeze to return to Mercado de Madrid for local sales as well as direct export to Miami. places huge regard for the items handled by our importer, and Carabineros rank at the top of quality Spanish shellfish.

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Wild Sea Tiger Prawn  (Penaeus monodon)

The Sea Tiger has long been a staple food source for Asia. Regarded as a gorgeous, yet monstrous Saltwater Prawn, the Sea Tiger begins the bite with a snap. The subsequent chew offers a creamy and buttery texture that is full of sweetness. The Sea Tiger lends itself to many versatile applications. The usage is as vast as the culinary imagination. Soldier packing allows the Prawn to retain its structural integrity. Attached legs and antennae show that the Sea Tiger have been handled with the utmost care. This translates to a brilliant plate presentation.
Recently the United States has opened import channels to the nation of Myanmar. These are exciting times for Wild Caught Prawns, and the Chefs who love them. Wild Sea Tigers are harvested in the Bay of Bengal and are graded, packaged and blast frozen aboard the Shrimping Vessels. They are then shipped directly to cold storage here in the United States. has secured a direct import opportunity for these amazing crustaceans. We want to place Sea Tigers into the hands of Chefs who want to make a “Prawn Statement” on their menus. has a full line of these sea beasts. Below are depictions of size. Each size is packaged and shipped in 5 individual, 1 kilo boxes, in a 10 kilo (22#) master case. We have your Prawn!

2/4 per Kilo – Under 2 per Pound
Under 5 per Kilo – Under 3 per Pound
4/6 per Kilo – 2/3 per Pound
Under 7 per Kilo – Under 4 per Pound

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Australian King Prawn (Melicertus latisulcatus)

The Spencer Gulf prawn fishery leads the way in environmentally sustainable fishing practices, which is now being role-modeled worldwide. Recently this was acknowledged through being awarded Marine Stewardship Council Certification. This is an accolade in which many strive. Not only is it a responsible purchase, but as a Chef, the flavor, quality and sheer presentation make it a stand-alone winner. Beginning with a beautiful crunch that finishes buttery. The sweetness of the King Prawn is attributed to the high salinity of Spencer Gulf. The saltier the sea, the sweeter the meat.

Spencer Gulf King Prawns are sold frozen only, packed in 10 kg cartons in either cooked or raw (green) forms. Some value added prawn products are available from specialist processors.Quality of packaging is a big concern in Shellfish. Spencer Gulf King Prawns are of the most carefully handled items in seafood. Landed, sorted, packaged, and frozen at negative 76 degrees Fahrenheit within 40-45 minutes of pulling the nets. This give a huge advantage to presentation. Complete head on, legs attached, and minimal moisture loss in thawing bring shrimp purchasing to loftier experience. is a direct import opportunity for Spencer Gulf King Prawns.

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