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under-water-banner.jpg lets you inspire the kitchen and treat your guests to the extraordinary! Each month will supplement your monthly menu planning by featuring a seasonal direct program from a specific region of the globe. Our direct programs will bring the outstanding culinary experience of each region directly to your restaurant, menu, team, and guests.

December is set to showcase the best of the best in specialty and ultra high end fare. We offer these daily, but the Holidays scream for the upper tier. The parties are mounting, and the giving of gifts are top-of-mind. Gift your guests with chic menu alternatives. Look to to make wishes come true.

Chapter    2

Dover Sole  (Solea solea)

In the early culinary history of America, European chefs found their way across the Atlantic to present their historical technique. Along with a legendary retention of training, they also clung to a remembrance of premiere ingredients that was very popular in their homelands. Dover Sole was perched high on these lists. The far west Atlantic just didn’t present an abundance of the species, and shipping was a long process. Fresh Dover Sole was a dismal and often unfulfilled desire. Oh how the times have changed. With direct flights from Holland, the Wild Dover Sole is readily available to those who want to elevate their Flatfish game. Dover Sole is as rich as its history. Royalty… Firm, thin, white fillets glisten from a freshly filleted Dover. The intense chill of Holland’s piece of the Atlantic Ocean harbor a perfect habitat for Dover Sole to develop its succulent characteristics. Dover Sole has a trait that excites many Chefs and Diners alike. It is flaky and tender, yet firm enough to manipulate into “rolls”. It’s a perfect species for “stuffed” as well, however, the most recognized preparation is the classic al a Meuniere. It can also easily be advanced into modern applications while remaining an honored classic.The fish is light. It welcomes fresh light flavors. Simply treat Dover simply and the simplicity will make greatness simple. Another favored preparation is the whole skinless roast. Dover Sole has a tell tale sign of freshness. A fresh Dover will allow the fabricator to rip the skin from the flesh without pulling the meat from the bone. That’s what provides. Wild Holland Dover Sole directly imported for our customers. Your order arrives before the fish are caught. A Thursday order initiates the catch that becomes a Monday shipment for a Tuesday kitchen delivery. It has an extreme shelf life. Direct Skin Ripping Fresh!!!

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Sushi Graded Fluke (Paralichthys dentatus)

Fluke, Summer Flounder, Hirame, Left Eye. A Fluke by any other name would smell as sweet… if they were handled as carefully as a New England Sushi Fluke. Day boat, pressure bled, and iced sea water “slushed” makes it our go-to Atlantic Fluke for Sushi and Sashimi. This is an intimated fishery, with only a handful of Captains committed to the process of  making their catch “perfect” for our customers. With tight seasonal catch limits, and limited dedicated boats fishing, the Sushi Fluke this time of year is SPECIAL. And why not?!?! It’s glorious! Tender, flaky, delicate, and clean, with a spritz of cold ocean flavor doesn’t even come close to defining the aspects of Sushi Fluke. It’s so much more. It’s easily marketable. It’s easily fabricated. It’s easily developed. It’s easily prepared. It’s easily sold. It’s easily the best Fluke for Crudo… The Japanese have utilized Fluke in Sushi and Sashimi since the inception of raw fish dining. “Hirame” typically refers to Fluke, but often umbrellas Halibut, “Karei”, in loose definition and terminology. It stands alone. Sushi Fluke is firm to the bite and chews to a delicate and tender feel. The clean flavor accepts traditional Pan-Asian accompaniments of Sushi, but opens itself up to intricate influences from global crudo styles. We offer Sushi Fluke throughout the year. Higher catch limits are normal, but we are in a 100# boat limit this month. We still promote this fantastic product with a simple request. “If calls with Sushi Fluke, answer that call”!

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Turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)

Turbot is the pinnacle of left-eyed flat fish. Turbot is a culinary marvel that provides applications that are only limited by imagination. Turbot boasts some of the highest fat content in the smaller Flatfish. The muscle striations are a bit larger than many others as well. This translates to a larger flake than Sole, and a silkier texture that Flounder. The Turbot skeletal structure allows for a unique “cut” in smaller Flatfish as well. The “T-Bone”… Versatility, texture, and flake aren’t the only acclaimed distinctions of Turbot. Its flavor is globally praised. It has the cleanliness of Flukes, Flounder, and Soles, but it possesses an intricate Ocean flavor that slightly resembles line caught Atlantic Cod. It is still light and mild, but with a deeper note. If fillet is your preference, reserve the rack and head. Turbot makes a brilliant stock! Like the flesh, the bones generate a great depth while maintaining a clean and mild broth. reaches deep into Turbot waters. Our offerings include a spectrum of resources. Wild Holland, Spanish Aquaculture , and Chilean Aquaculture Turbot programs allow our customers the ability to discern the subtle differences in sea flavors, size specs and import schedules. We offer each program with a complete guarantee. You are purchasing Turbot as if you were the distributor. Direct-from-the-Importer deliveries allows for the freshest Turbot in distribution. No lay-overs, no weigh stations, and no wait next day deliveries provide the longest shelf on the freshest product. Call to acquire more information to choose the Turbot that fits your need, and an expert will customize your Personal Turbot Program.

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