Ocean Tides – Maine Diver Scallop

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Diver Sea Scallops  (Plactopecten Magellanicus)

COMMON NAMES – Atlantic Scallop, Giant Scallop, American Sea Scallop
THE FISHERY  – At we strive to continue to source the best ingredients and partner with top fisheries to provide grade A products. Our Maine Day Boat program is no different. The state of Maine has a rich history for providing some of the world’s best seafood. Starting on December 1st every year Maine opens its scallop season to commercial fishing. The quota system works by allowing both true day boats to fish certain days of the week while also allowing divers to harvest scallops certain days of the week. The result is an outstanding co-op of divers and boats that source a truly unique and fantastic product, which is second to none in quality and high in sustainability.
The Dive Operators in Maine are great folks also. Sue and her husband have made Scallop diving their lifeblood, and hold the Scallop in the highest regard. Sue is part of a long tradition, at least 5 generations long, of fishermen, harvesters and boat capatains. She manages, with her husband and oldest son, a co-op of fishermen on the island of Stonington, Maine. The island boarders Accadia National Park and the town are stewards of the environment taking special care not to upset a delicate ecosystem. Sue tells us the reason the seafood is so great is because of the large amount of phytoplankton in the water. This also makes the divers job that much more difficult.
THE SCALLOP – Sea Scallops offer one of the most sought flavors in seafood. They are naturally high in sugars which relate to a beautifully caramelized product. Sea Scallops are a easily portioned for any application. They are sorted by size; 5 to 50 per pound. U10 to 30/40 count are the most popular and readily available. Allow to find the Scallop that best fits your menu.

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