Ocean Tides – 3 Weeks Till Valentine’s Day

Chef – Red Shellfish. Peel the Love!


Valentine’s day is 3 weeks away. For the next few weeks we will look to the “Color of Love” for inspiration. Red is very recognizable for restaurants. It’s been proven to induce hunger and excitement in diners. That’s the goal of these next informational pieces. To incite excitement for some of our incredible “Red” offerings.

Royal Red Shrimp (Pleoticus robustus)

Royal Reds are a deep fathom species that are relatively new to the National Market. The sheer depth has kept the Shrimpers from exploiting the species. They have been celebrated in the local markets for a bit longer and could be regarded a “Best Kept Secret”. The Royal Red Shrimp have the “Snap” of White Shrimp with a creamier and sweeter finish. The best culinary applications call for moderate heat and monitored cook times. The Royal Red Shrimp need no masking ingredients, but accept complimentary herbs and light spice. Small Lobster is a very accurate description of the Royal Red Shrimp’s profile.

Red & White Crawfish (Procambarus clarkii, zonangulus) 

Crawfish are freshwater crustaceans. Louisiana has more than 30 different species of crawfish, but only two species are commercially important to the industry; the red swamp crawfish (clarkii) and the white river crawfish (zonangulus). The red crawfish vastly outnumber the white crawfish in state-wide production. Occasionally both species are mixed in the same catch.

Red crawfish dominate most farms, especially in south Louisiana and in most places in the Atchafalaya Basin. White crawfish are slightly more plentiful on north Louisiana farms and in Mississippi River overflow swamps.
Most crawfish are harvested between December and June, but March, April and May are the peak months in Louisiana. On rare occasions, crawfish may be harvested in July and August in the state.
Spanish Carabineros (Plesiopenaeus edwardsianus)

Caribeneros are a deep water species inhabiting the extreme depths of the pristine Mediterranean Sea. Shrimp fleets of Spain net these phenomenal robust creatures and immediately grade, size and freeze to return to Mercado de Madrid for local sales as well as direct export to Miami. places huge regard for the items handled by our importer, and Carabineros rank at the top of quality Spanish shellfish. offers these spectacular Red Shrimp with profitability and amazement in mind. Spanish Carabineros offer both. Not your average Shrimp… U3 & U5 available.
Chocolate Blood Clams (Megapitaria squalida)

Enjoyed by notable chefs including Richard Blais, Rick Bayless and Roberto Cardazzo, chocolate clams or almejas chocolatas are often referred to as “Baja’s seafood candy”. Named for the uniform brown color of its shell rather than any chocolate flavor, the meaty Mexican chocolate clam is one of the largest West Coast bivalves, reaching up to six inches across. Chocolate clams are harvested in and around in Mexico in all coastal lagoons from Magdalena Bay south along the Pacific side of Baja, throughout the Sea of Cortez, and along the coast of the mainland to Guatemala where they colonize in sandy bottoms in very large, dense populations.

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