Ocean Tides – 2 Weeks Till Valentine’s

Chef – Red Finfish. Swimmingly Satisfying!


Valentine’s Day is a Super Bowl away. For the next two weeks we will look to the “Color of Love” for inspiration. Red is very recognizable for restaurants. It’s been proven to induce hunger and excitement in diners. That’s the goal of these next informational pieces. To incite excitement for some of our incredible “Red” offerings.

Red Drum “Redfish” (Sciaenops ocellatus)

Platinum Red Drum are grown 18 miles in the middle of the sea off the coast of Campeche. They set the standard for quality. They are grown in the best water quality, fed the best feed, (some even with zero fish meal, an ecological breakthrough in aquaculture), and never subjected to hormones or drugs, chilled in slurry ice for shipping – guaranteeing that these fish truly are of the highest of quality.  Maya Fish strongly believes in caring for our oceans. They constantly check the influence of the farm on the water quality around the farm as well as the sand below the cages. The tests are done under both the auspices of the Mexican government and according to international standards. All tests continuously show that the farm has zero impact on its surroundings. In addition, in order to be even more ecologically sound, the company will be growing sea cucumbers under the cages which ingest sand together with any organics on the sand, both ecologically and environmentally beneficial.

“Red” Tuna – Yellowfin & Bigeye (Thunnus albacares &Thunnus obesus ) 

Tuna is a global food-fish that is available in almost every market. The challenge is consistency in quality or availability in higher grades in every market. has a global solution to all of our customers. We source from the most reputable fisheries in the world and sort them into a one-stop portal. Our offerings span every grade for every need, and allows you to find the specific program to confidently menu Tuna in your restaurant. Below is several examples of our Tuna Programs and we invite you to call for more details. We have your Tuna.
South Atlantic Yellowfin
Florida Direct Tuna allows to actively source Tuna in high production areas of the Gulf and South America.
Southern California Bigeye
When Deep Water Pacific fleet members catch the best currents, they slip directly into San Diego to offload. This is a very special occurrence and brings the best of the Pacific Deep Water to the mainland.
Hawaiian Yellowfin & Bigeye
Hawaiian Tuna Fleets are one of the tightest managed tuna fleets in the world. With Circle Hooks and and quick drop systems, these champions of conservation protect juvenile by-catch, sea turtles, and sea birds.  Our Hawaiian Tuna is brought to Auction at the United Fishing Agency in Honolulu and is hand selected for and our Chefs. 
Tahitian Yellowfin
Through a great import partnership, is able to bring one of the finest Tuna available to the United States. Phenomenal turnaround shipping allows for an incredibly fresh product with insane shelf life. With the Tahitian program, ask for OTR Vacuum Sealing for an even longer shelf.
Flame Snapper – Long Tail Red Snapper (Etelis coruscans)

One of our newest Snapper programs features an amazing Australian Flame Snapper. Commonly known as Queen in Florida, `Ula`ula koa`e in Hawaii, and Onaga and Hamadai in Japan, the Flame Snapper is at the height of its classification. From Queensland and New South Wales to Lord Howe Island, the Australian Fleet target this regal Snapper. Short trip Hook & Line vessels are geared to retrieve some of the most Direct-to-Chef Flame Snapper in distribution. This is an amazing turn-around for a very impressive species. The Flame Snapper inhabit the rocky depths off the coast of Australia. They are known to live up to 1300 feet below the surface. The cold depths of their range produce a clean and moist protein that that rivals any Snapper in their sweet and rich profile. Typically a larger Snapper, the Flame Snapper produces a very versatile fillet. The thickness allows perfect portioning and a remarkable plate presentation. The Flame Snapper also provides a beautiful deep pink to red skin that crisps wonderfully. The skeleton offers a clean yet rich ingredient for stocks, consommes, and fumets.

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