Ocean Tides – Halibut Menu Boxes

Chef – Build A Perfect Box with Halibut

Along with Alaskan Halibut, can build a perfect “Menu Box” with some of New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti, Japan, and California’s greatest seafood options packed alongside your Halibut order. This is an exceptionally creative advantage and is available to our customers throughout the season. With Halibut fulfilling your shipping weight, it’s an easy way to try species that you have underutilized in the past.

Bluenose – Antarctic Butterfish 

(Hyperoglyphe Antarctica)

This high-end Seabass-like species is a favorite with fine dining establishments and is great sauteed or baked, but can be cooked using virtually any method. Bluenose is by far New Zealand’s most famous bass export, with insatiable demand for this fish in overseas markets, especially Australia and the USA.

Barramundi – Asian Seabass 

(Lates Calcarifer)

Barramundi is one of our best selling fish and this sea bass has taken the American palate by storm. As Dr. Oz, who rates it as one of his top 5 Superfoods puts it, “Bonus: the white meat is light, flaky and delicious”. Indeed this fish performs very well in a variety of dishes. It’s naturally mild flavor profile allows it to take on other flavor accents readily – permitting chefs to create exceptional dishes with ease.

Ocean Trout – Steelhead 

(Oncorhynchus Mykiss)

This fish has a stunning appearance with a shape like a small torpedo, a relatively small head and a black-spotted silver hide, replete with pink racing stripe. Beneath this fine exterior Tasmanian Ocean Trout has bright crimson-cherry colored flesh, which fades to a pale peach, Omega-3 loaded belly portion. This paler belly is full of inter-muscular fat and is so well-marbled it resembles an aquatic Wagyu at times.

Contact to Build This Year’s Halibut Program

Josh Adams : 704-769-2260
Josh Bogen: 704-769-2261
Mike Casagrande: 704-769-2263
Lee Dellinger: 704-769-2257
Karen Harmon: 704-769-2262
Jon Flower – 704-769-2258
Ben Hollinger: 704-769-2320
Patrick Lowder: 704-769-2265
Chris Nelson: 704-769-2256

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