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Chef – Build A Perfect Box with Halibut

Along with Alaskan Halibut, can build a perfect “Menu Box” with some of New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti, Japan, and California’s greatest seafood options packed alongside your Halibut order. This is an exceptionally creative advantage and is available to our customers throughout the season. With Halibut fulfilling your shipping weight, it’s an easy way to try species that you have underutilized in the past.

NZ Alfonsino – Kinmedai

(Beryx decadactylus)

The Alfonsino is a distant Cousin to the Sumatra Fighting Fish, a salt water Beta. The Fish are small (13″) at their largest. Alfonsino have been described as “Melt in Your Mouth”. They have a very tender palate and a sweet flavor balanced with umami. Alfonsino are a deep-sea species, found in waters 600-1500 feet. Alfonsino have a very sweet, rich flavor, with the flesh being super high in minerals, nutrients and Omega-3 oils. The fillets are short and deep, tapering sharply and have a light pink color, with a firm texture and medium flake.

NZ Tai – Kodai 

(Pagrus auratus)

Tai has a host of species attached with the moniker. This is the Pagrus auratus from New Zealand. It is a Porgy/Sea Bream that has a beautiful pink hued skin that is wonderfully edible. The flesh is a soft light pink that cooks to paper white, and is mild, sweet, and “fluffy”. Applications are limitless! Menu as Tamure, Tai, Madai, Kodai, Red Sea Bream, or Porgy and your guests will revel in its versatility.  Prized for its colorful golden/red scales with light blue spots, it is a true favorite for New Zealanders and is considered the Rolls Royce of inshore species. In Japanese folklore it is the symbol of fortune, and is typically used as the centerpiece in celebratory feasts. NZ snapper is rich in a naturally occurring amino acid called glycine which results in its characterictic sweet flavor. It is a must-have item for any menu. Our snapper are caught via long-line, from our day-boat fleet and this results in the best-quality eating fish imaginable. New Zealand’s snapper fishery is managed by the Quota Management System, with a sustainable harvest TACC (Total Allowable Commercial Catch) of 6,357,300 tons.

NZ Red Snapper – Hamadai

(Centroberyx affinis)

New Zealand Red Snapper are akin to the revered Alfonsino. Also known as Golden Snapper, the Skin is a brilliant orange that is deliciously edible. The flesh is an opaque white with firm, yet silky attributes. The Japanese believe the consumption of this fish is for celebratory reasons. Weddings and New Year’s Eve are perfect examples. Menu this Snapper to make every plate a celebration. Menu as Hamadai, New Zealand Red Snapper, Golden Snapper, or Nannygai.
All of the above species meet some of the most sustainability criteria in fishing today. New Zealand has one of the most responsible fisheries on the planet. All of the above species are certified by the highly regarded international organization Friend of the Sea. The group’s seal of approval verifies that products are caught using sustainable practices and originate from sustainable fisheries. Friend of the Sea was founded in December 2006 and is the only scheme in the world which can certify, with the same seal of approval, products both farmed and wild-caught.

Friend of the Sea is currently the main sustainable seafood certification scheme in the world, having assessed more than 10 million metric tons of wild-catch and 500,000 metric tons of farmed products.

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