Ocean Tides -Spring Menu First Edition

Chef – Up jump the Buttercups. Spring is Here!

Spring is one of the most versatile times of year for seafood selection and one of our favorites for big seasonal openings. Many species hit the market to set your culinary calendar on a path through the warm weather months. Seasonal blooming of plants energize the diner. It brings about their natural voraciousness in feeding, traveling, romancing, and experimenting with menus a bit less known to them. This make s it a perfect time to bring in the things that match the guests’ sense of adventure. For the next few weeks, will shine light on the coolest offerings of Springtime. Both Flora and Fauna will be represented in  our goal of making your Spring menu elaborately and functionally strong.

Fiddlehead Fern – Ostrich & Lady Ferns

(Matteuccia struthiopteris/Athyrium filix-femina)

The Fiddleheads of North America are the unfurled fronds of the Ostrich and Lady Ferns. The Lady Fern is typically first to market, as this Pacific Northwest native begins its growth a shortly prior to the Eastern Ostrich Fern. They can be harvested for a few short weeks in the early spring. They possess a beautiful, light, “Green” flavor that is most closely resembled by an Asparagus and Artichoke melding. They can also have similar attributes of very light Green Beans. Working with Fiddleheads is a joy in itself. The unique spiral “design” of the unfurled frond emulates the beauty of nature while utilizing its delicate flavor of Springtime to elevate any “set”. An easy ingredient to work with, the Fiddlehead Fern is a blanch away from supporting your Spring features.

Santa Barbara Spot Prawns

(Pandalus platyceros)

San Diego/Santa Barbara Prawn Trappers are the ultimate in sustainable Shrimp capture. Trap caught Spot Prawns ultimately eliminate by-catch produced by netting and trawling associated with other Shrimp. The Spot Prawn are delivered to our San Diego partners and held live until ordered. Spot Prawns are sweet and a perfect mix of Lobster and Shrimp Flavors. The Meat of the Spot Prawn has a phenomenal “SNAP” and finishes very silky. The Spot Prawn inhabit deep water and pack on “fat” to regulate body temperature. This translates to a beautiful product that interacts with dry cooking methods to retain “fat” in the finished dish. The head of the Spot Prawn has a very rich “butter” that can transition Shrimp Sauces to the next level of refinement. The Santa Barbara Spot Prawn is a favorite among the most elite Sushi Chefs in California. With Priority Overnight Delivery, serve Santa Barbara Spot Prawns like the Pacific is at your front door.

Pacific Grouper


Baya Grouper

Mycteroperca jordani

Common Names: Gulf Grouper, Mero Baya, Garropa del Golfo.
Baya Grouper have a high amount of natural sugars that lend to great caramelization and color. Baya Grouper hold up to most cooking methods and applications. Often weighing in above 35 lbs, Baya could be the “Big Grouper” you’ve been wanting.

Cabrilla Grouper

Mycteroperca rosacea

Common Names: Sardinera, Golden Grouper, Leopard Grouper, Spotted Grouper.
Cabrilla fillet have a paper white flesh that is textually firmer than Atlantic Black Grouper, but just as sweet and moist. The Cabrilla Grouper go through color changes during the year. Depending on the color of the fish at capture, the common name may change. The Spring typically shows a transition from Leopard to Golden.

Baquetta Grouper

Epinephelus acanthistius

Common Names: Pink Baquetta, Brown Baquetta, Gulf Coney, Rooster Hind.
Baquetta is a great option in the Grouper realm. Flavorful and sweet with a great tooth to the cooked flesh. Deep red lines in the white to pink fillet offer a complexity of flavor without tasting bitter or “off”. Baquetta can grow large and offer “baseball” cuts, or the 3-5 lb fish can yield a beautiful plank fillet for delicate applications.

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