Ocean Tides “Special Edition” – Soft Shell Crab

It’s the Spring of ’16. The run of molting Blue Crab has begun. A cold snap in the East has slowed the shed and extended one of our favorite Springtime specialty seasons. Brilliantly sweet Atlantic Blue Crab are shedding their hard shells to reveal a true coastal delicacy, the Soft Shell Crab. The “Peelers” are coming into the Crab Houses, and w e are following the water temperature changes from Florida to New England to offer the finest Softies available, and we are just getting going on this year’s runs. Take a look at a true icon of Spring table fare.

Perfect Portioning.

Flawless Control.

Offering our customers the best in all sizes of Soft Shell Crab. For portion prep, costing, menu writing, and inventive plating, Soft Shell Crab are an excellent money maker. Their historic reputations offer marketability that bring customers who’ve waited all Winter for this.
  • Whales – 5 1/2 inches + across
  • Jumbos – 5 to 5 1/2 inches across
  • Primes – 4 1/2  to 5 inches across
  • Hotels – 4 to 4 1/2 inches across

Versatility of Use.

All Day Menu Able.

Optimal ingredient from any menu standpoint…
Fine Dining Entrees for upscale dinner features, Pub Style Sandwiches for a spectacular lunch item, or an Integral Appetizer for a brunch showstopper,  Soft Shell Crab can find themselves welcome in any application.

Direct Purchasing.

Highest Quality. offers some of the most direct purchase opportunities for our customers. This ensures some of the highest quality Crab available in national distribution. Secure Soft Shell Crab with confidence. Purchase Soft Shell Blue Crab from

Call to get Soft Shell Crab on your Spring Menu.

Josh Adams : 704-769-2260
Josh Bogen: 704-769-2261
Mike Casagrande: 704-769-2263
Karen Harmon: 704-769-2262
Jon Flower – 704-769-2258
Ben Hollinger: 704-769-2320
Patrick Lowder: 704-769-2265
Chris Nelson: 704-769-2256

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