Ocean Tides – More Chinook Runs Open

Chef – More River Chinook Open This Month!

Stikine, The Great River. Also translated from the native Tlingit tongue as “Cloudy River” believed to arise from the spawning Salmon milt. The Stikine was one of the great Salmon runs through the late 1980’s. Poor conceptualized management decreased the number of Salmon returning to the Stikine until 1995 when Alaskan and Canadian management agencies, along with native tribes began tightly managing and tagging large Chinook for a better understanding of populations. By 2007 the number of Chinook had doubled from 14,000 large fish to 28,000. This year projected numbers of large Chinook, over 28 inches, are anticipated to reach over 40,000 fish. This gives an optimistic outlook for the year’s commercial fleet and a healthy supply in direct distribution. will be positioned for direct shipping for King Salmon. An even brighter highlight of the rebound of the Stikine is its inaugural Sockeye season this year. Look for these deep red species in late June.
The Taku River  is one of 3 nations. Spanning from British Columbia to Juneau, the Taku, named for the native Taku Indians, is a grand span waterway with a rich history. Historically a very productive fishery, the Taku has seen its share of decline in Salmon population, but in 2015 the Chinook population was considerably higher than its 30 year average. An estimated 45,000 plus Chinook should return to the Taku with escapement plans and routes to ensure the growth of Taku Salmon populations. Taku Salmon are harvested on both the Canadian and Alaskan sides and will have availability of both harvests. Call to secure your River Run Salmon for a historical menu plan.

The Stikine River

The Taku River

Sockeye – Red or Bluejack Salmon

(Oncorhynchus nerka)

Coho – Silver Salmon

(Oncorhynchus kisutch)

Chinook – King Salmon

(Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)

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