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Chef – July is for Florida Fish!

Southern Atlantic & The Gulf of Mexico let’s you inspire the kitchen and treat your guests to the extraordinary! Each month will supplement your monthly menu planning by featuring a seasonal direct program from a specific region of the globe. Now that summer is in full swing, July is the ideal month to feature species from Florida, the South Atlantic, and the Gulf of Mexico. Our direct programs will bring the outstanding culinary experience of the Florida Coast directly to your restaurant, menu, team, and guests. Get fired up because this week we will feature Florida Snappers! Contact your sales rep today to build your ideal box.

American Red Snapper 

(Lutjanus campechanus) 

Simply put, this is the Premier Snapper available in fine dining! American Red Snapper is lean and moist with a mild, distinctly sweet flavor and exquisite texture. The semi-firm meat is pinkish with off-white tones when raw and turns paper white when cooked. We offer American Red Snapper in many sizes including 2-4 for the perfect portion fillet or 6up for a thick, showstopper fillet presentation. Culinary applications are diverse – pan saute, grill, broil, and ceviche.

Yellowtail Snapper 

(Ocyurus chrysurus)

Yellowtail Snapper is the sweetest snapper in all of the Snapper family and at 1-2lbs each, yellowtail is perfect for a mind-blowing whole fish presentation! The skin is marked with vivid hues of blue, green, and pink with a distinct yellow stripe down the side of the body. It’s diet consists of shrimp and crab which highlight its unique flavor profile. Yellowtail Snapper is highly prized for its light, flaky meat, and is widely regarded as one of the best snappers available.

Lane Snapper 

(Lutjanus synagris)

Lane Snapper is considered the best “value” snapper of the family. Lanes are slightly less firm and slightly less sweet than their American Red and Yellowtail cousins, but are not bland by any means and still offer many versatile culinary applications. Delicate, citrus based sauces are recommended to highlight it’s mild flavor profile. Average size varies from 2-4 and 4-6lbs each. When purchasing whole fish, don’t forget to save the bones to make a very fine fish stock!

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