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Chef – Get Your Head In The “Game”   

 American Bison and Their Prairie Home Companions isn’t just your aquatic protein advocate. We have sea legs and a land lubber’s reach. September preludes Autumn, and we have your transitional game meats! Hot enough for Summer, but cool enough for your clientele. Bring sustainable pastured and wild game to your board for a distinct change to your End-of-Summer menu. Get your September grazing…


American Bison 

(Bison bison)

A species so nice…Scientist named it twice. It belongs to pioneer survival. A native species that gave America legs…. literally. Also its hide, fur, meat, organs, and trade value were the predominant currency and sustenance of both Native and Pioneer folk. Even the methane potent dung could warm the frigid and then cook itself. Talk about low overhead… procures the history. Groups of Western Bison Ranchers commit to produce this noble protein to anyone who dares prepares this meat with the compassion that only comes from culinary professionals.

Deer “Venison” – Red Deer 

(Cervus elaphus )

Although not native, this is a “BIG” deer. The introduction of pastured Red Deer has revolutionize a part of the Venison demand. Presenting “slabs” of meat for a skilled hunter’s dinner table and readied and plentiful cuts for the chef who “hunts” for quality. Venison of this prestige has the distinguished “wild” flavor of game and the refinement of a pampered protein.

Elk – Wapiti 

(Cervus canadensis)

The Elk is one of the largest land mammals in North America. They’re not only large in mass, but “large” in flavor. American Elk have a varied diet that presents a lean and “earthy” meat. Including grasses, plants, and even tree bark, the collage of nutrients that sustain this hefty beast produce a flavorful and deep red protein that plays well with the upcoming fall vegetable selection. The Elk’s appeal to Autumn Menus is as natural as the leaves turning. offers Elk that enables consistency in supply while preserving its natural characteristics.

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