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 Our Feathered Friends

THE FEATHERED isn’t just your aquatic protein advocate. We have sea legs and a land lubber’s reach. September preludes Autumn, and we have your transitional game meats! Hot enough for Summer, but cool enough for your clientele. Bring sustainable pastured and wild game to your board for a distinct change to your End-of-Summer menu. Get your September “Game” going…

Domestic Squab 


Squab have been domesticated, fattened and eaten since ancient Egypt and Rome. The tenderness of the Squab is only paralleled by its full-bodied flavor. Squab are young domestic Pigeon/Dove that have been bred for size, taste, and tenderness. These are not your typical “City” Pigeon. The breeding/husbandry of these birds have been cross selected and diverted to a premium for nearly 100 years. Grown sustainably in the Carolinas, these birds are an all natural protein with no hormones, antibiotics, or chemical treatment what-so-ever. When obtaining the most succulent Squab, the best feed is used. It consists of an all natural, all vegetarian composition that ensures the highest quality meats from these brilliantly raised Squab. The Squab is minimally processed by hand and vacuum sealed for incredible freshness. These birds have fed Kings, Queens, dignitaries, and American Presidents. This is the pinnacle of Squab in the marketplace, and offers a year-round supply of the best available. Choose for your Squab to elevate the bird on your menu.

Domestic Pheasant 

(Phasianinae )

As dining evolves to a photo-op for every plate, give your shutter happy guests a great muse. Wisconsin free range Pheasant is just that… a muse for the senses. The White Pheasant boasts a remarkable yield that is sure to bring a wow factor to your cutting board and your guests’ table. Bred for “Big”, these Pheasant are a powerful pastured bird that feed naturally on insects, seed, and grasses. Their diet is supplemented with a protein- rich, natural-grain, and animal by-product free feed that only accentuates the tenderness and succulence of the meat. With a constant supply of fresh spring water, the Pheasant live a chemical free existence. No hormones, antibiotics, or flavor enhancers are used in the raising of these Pheasant. This provides a superb Pheasant with wonderful flavor and ample moisture. Try Free Range Pheasant for your next menu.

Domestic Quail 


Quail is the petite bird on very successful menus. For those who are passionate about the best, provides a Quail program that ultimately solves any procurement challenges. These Quail offer multiple specs, including whole, boneless, semi-boneless, airline breasts, and fresh eggs. The Quail are raised in an all natural, “Never Ever” program that uses no antibiotics, hormones, steroid, or flavor enhancers. The Quail are fed a protein rich grain diet that allows for maximum size and yield. A healthy, veterinarian supervised, and HAACP controlled environment produce the highest quality Quail in distribution. facilitates a Priority Overnight delivery to ensure the ultimate freshness. Quail hold high reverence among the most formidable restaurants, clubs, and resorts in the nation. The extremely flavorful, yet petite protein lends style and refinement to “tight” sets and center-of-the-plate presentations.

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