Celebrate The Holidays With Maine Sea Scallops

Get your Sea Scallop recipes in “Holiday mode”. December 1st opens the Maine Scallop Season and unites again with some of the freshest Day Boat Scallops Maine has to offer. This small Day Boat fleet of divers and dredgers are rigged and ready. The Scallops’ commercial harvest bolsters 6 day work weeks. The weeks consist of half diving beginning December 1st and ending April 15th, and half dredging beginning December 5th and ending March 29th. Each shipment of Day Boat Sea Scallops state F/V or Divers’ names to ensure you and your guests the trace-ability of these immaculate Scallops. Reach out to to get your Holiday menus secured.

Nellie Celebrates Great Chefs

What do you say when your Chef invites you to not only discuss product for a James Beard Dinner, but also attend the affair? Well, “Hell yes!”. CELEBRATING great food is what is all about and  customer champion extraordinaire Chris Nelson jumped in with both feet!  Can you say “Cannon ball!”?. takes great pride in being the trusted resource for our customers.  We always strive to be the best partner when our Chefs are looking for proteins, foraged items, and culinary oddities from across the globe. Recently, Chris was honored with the invitation to dine at Cerulean in Indianapolis as guests of Executive Chef Kevin Ashworth of 610 Magnolia. The guests were a who’s who in the culinary world. They were treated to a coursed tasting to celebrate the late James Beard with this Friends of James Beard Benefit dinner. The culinary experience included the talents of Event Hosts Chefs Alan Sternberg (Cerulean) and Pete Schmutte (Cerulean), along with Kevin Ashworth (610 Magnolia), and Ryan Santos (Please).

Chef Ashworth and Chef Lee have been devotees of our Lone Mountain Ranch Wagyu Tongue, and Santa Barbara Uni. During the menu planning, research, and development, Chef Ashworth challenged the food community to put its best food foot forward. Built on trust, mutual respect and a long-term partnership, Nellie embraced the conversation and was honored with the invitation to dine with the James Beard guests.  Everyone was treated to  a transcendental bombardment of small plates portraying impeccable culinary mastery.

Part of award-winning Chef Edward Lee’s empire, 610 Magnolia embraces a “modern approach to a Southern table”. Through a robust exchange of historic, progressive, diverse and complex ideas, Chef Ashworth CELEBRATES Southern ideology  while pushing the culinary boundaries. With acclaim from some of the nation’s leading food-centric, lifestyle, and trend-setting publications, it was a matter of time until he unrolled his knives in the kitchen of legacies, A James Beard Dinner. is privileged to be a part of the processes involved in making 610 Magnolia a spectacular dining experience and humbled by the opportunity to serve Chef Ashworth and his team. It was a great honor to be invited to savor the experience firsthand, and to revel in the talents of these incredible chefs. Thank you!