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Everyone with a computer, phone, tablet, and newspaper/magazine subscription has seen some paradoxical reiteration of “2017 Food Trends”. This is where those writers who are “in-the-know” and chefs around the media camps, and culinary websites have all brandished their predictions of what will be “hot” or “trendy” this year. It is all well and good for restaurant guests to read them and feel a bit closer to the industry. It also allows cooks, of all levels, to find depth in items that may have not been researched in their careers. It also brands a myriad of products that have been underutilized, under sung, or under a rock for the past one hundred years. It opens a whole new ingredients list, methodology of technique, philosophy of procurement, or ideology of food that will flourish for the next three hundred and fifty some odd days. We are all intrigued by where this year will take the concept of food and beverage.

At, we invite you to see the products that we are securing in 2017, and watch closely to the ever-improving list of items that we continually add to the roster. We invite you to sit for a moment and discover your own “trends”. We invite you to take a raw ingredient, specialized technique, or your own philosophy to set the trend… to make it “hot”. We invite you to go against the grain of 2017 commonalities if you so choose. We know that our customer base and potential clients are extraordinary, and are the leading culinarians in each of your own marketplaces. We offer a Glossary and Menu Planning feature to our site to open up the floodgates of “trendy” creativity. If you don’t see an item that you seek, simply contact and a procurement expert will happily comb the planet for your need.

However, we did see a couple popularly noted trends that even peaked our interests. Below are examples of those note-worthy items.

Non-Sushi Japanese

And why not? Sushi is relatively “new” in a cuisine that spans thousands of years. The flavors of Japan are inherently sophisticated and the umami of most colloquial ingredients are utilized in heartier dishes. That’s exactly why we look to Wagyu. With the remarkable lime-light recently shown on Kogi Fungus (Aspergillus oryzae), nothing accepts the rich flavor of Kogi like a well marbled cut of Wagyu. Call Team SeafoodS to secure the perfect Wagyu program.

Japanese Satsuma


Lone Mountain Ranch

Mishima Reserve

Snake River Farms



Our tentacled friends hit high prediction marks on Pinterest for 2017. That simply means that the general diner is finding a new love for this cephalopod. From the classic Mediterranean preparations to Old School Smoking and BBQ, this peculiar animal is not as unapproachable as it has been in the past. While we are overtly impressed with the Octopus of Spain and other Med locations for multi-seasonal menus, we celebrate the Apalachee Bay until the end of Stone Crab season. Our team has been working closely with sixth generation Apalachee Bay Stone Crabbers all season. The by-catch of the haul is delicious Apalachee Octopus. The crab-fattened Octopus, which feed on the Stone Crab, arrive to the dock rigor-ed and days fresher than they will arrive to their destination “market”. This is a platinum opportunity to purchase directly from the hands of the trappers themselves. Don’t let the first quarter sneak by without trying these Octopus. Reach out to Team SeafoodS to chat about the harvests and availability.

Apalachee Bay Octopus




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