Ocean Tides – VIP Pop Up

They All Keep Saying “VIP”

We Have The Box

On Valentine’s Day everybody needs attention. The special attention… The kind of attention that loses a ring from time to time, but… the desert where it was suppose to be was flawless. You know. Food FIRST. Well when they say that they made room for them, open your “Box” to pull out a tasting. A Hawaii box of Sashimi puts the Pacific tableside. A San Diego shipment will put hands on abalone and something for the grill. We have multiple boxes from the best fisheries in the world. Now that you have set the night of 2 tops into motion, look for your own fun with a multi-species “taster” to keep the line guessing.

UFA Honolulu Auction

Hawaii Box

Hawaii’s Market is unique; boats fishing local waters bring their bounty in to be offloaded into Hawaii’s auction, “United Fishing Agency Auction.” Hawaiian auction bidders know their favorite boats, handling practices and ordering days. Each buyer takes their prized winning bid back to the plant each day and grades it for national distribution next day.

Baja & San Diego Day Boat

California Box

From small fishing villages along the northern part of the Baja Peninsula, Day Boat Fishermen set out in small Wooden Pangas for a day of hand lining and scallop diving. The honor of tradition and familial unity are drivers in this amazing Day Boat program.

Boston Day Boat Pier

Boston Box shows a strong presence in Boston Display Auction, Boston Pier, and a multitude of Day Boat Hand Gear operators who supply some of the best quality in New England. Beautiful Day Boat seafood coming into New England from Rhode Island through Maine. Hooked Extra Fancy and always the highest quality product available. Give your guests the delight of Hooked Day Boat seafood.


Josh Adams : 704-769-2260
Josh Bogen: 704-769-2261
Mike Casagrande: 704-769-2263
Karen Harmon: 704-769-2262
Patrick Lowder: 704-769-2265
Chris Nelson: 704-769-2256
Aaron Philbrick: 704-769-2320

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