Ocean Tides – Super Bowl Food Remorse

Super Bowl LI

Customers Regret Food Eaten & Looking To Atone

1.33 million Chicken Wings! That’s the estimated count from the National Chicken Council on Sunday’s consumption. It’s interesting that the average person who watched the game ate as much or more as on Thanksgiving. That doesn’t mean that it’s as lovingly crafted or vegetable laden as Turkey Day. Here are a few approximations from last year.

-11 million lbs of Potato Chips
-8 million lbs of Tortilla Chips
-4 million lbs of popcorn
-10 million lbs of Ribs
-12 million lbs of Bacon

We haven’t even touched on Brats, Dogs, Burgers, Cheese, and all the parts of a hog that will be slain today. While many of you saw a “catering/take out” increase, some (hopefully many) enjoyed the game as it was played. This brings up the theory that many spectators awoke today with the same zeal for a “healthier” diet as they did on New Year’s Day, especially knowing that antacid sales increased by over 20%. This is where seafood comes into play.

We believe that diners will be looking to their favorite restaurants to do the heavy lifting on their new path to leaner meat options and lighter offerings. We support this “Oh Captain, my Captain. Our fearful trip is done…” trust that the diner places in your hands. Below are just a few very lean yet incredibly satisfying options that will ween your guests off of the Super Sunday feasting.

Day Boat Atlantic Hake “Merluzza” 

(Merluccius bilinearis)

No matter your opinion of the team from Boston, the seafood has no “franchise” allegiance. Merluza have a close resemblance to Cod and Haddock with a larger flake and “Fluffier” texture. The inhabit extremely deep waters and rise to mid depth at night to feed. The Sow Hake are harvested during this time by Hook and Line “Jig” Day Boat Operators. Sow Hake are a delicate “softer” flesh than other New England Round Fish. They are, indeed, a highly sought species by “Local” minded New England Chefs. They contain high levels of fish “fat” to regulate body temperature. This translates to incredible moisture levels in the prepared flesh. The culinary application is vast. Think it and Hake will handle it. Now it is possible that this will need to ship Tuesday for Wednesday as many Pats fan fishermen… well you know.

#1 Red Grade Hawaiian Tombo “Albacore” 

(Thunnus alalunga)

Hawaiian Tombo is a brilliant representation of spectacular Tuna with a leaner and cleaner mouth feel with a unique light pink to light red coloration. The Tombo is an integral part of the local Hawaiian diet and is an excellent solution to smaller portioning of loin steaks. Lighter in color than its cousin the Yellowfin, the Tombo sheen a beautiful “candy” hue like a pearl paint job on a classic car.Tombo stands on its own as a GIANT little Tuna. Tombo is perfect for Sahimi, Poke, Tartare, and lightly seared for those remorseful gluttons looking for redemption.
Tombo has 3 grades as a food fish.

Light – Very little Red coloration. Lands somewhere in a pink shade. Great for Cooking.

Standard – Perfect for Poke and light cooking methods.

Sashimi Red – Deep candy apple color perfect for raw and crudo applications.

Faroe Island Salmon 

(Salmo salar)

Though it is irresistibly rich, it’s still leaner that a pork butt. Faroe Island Salmon is’s largest Atlantic species offerings. The fish are offered from the 15 – 19 lbs and up. The growing methods and extremely cold waters offer an insurmountable level of body fat. For any Chef who bases quality of Atlantic Salmon by Fat, Size, Consistency, and Sustainability; this is your Salmon! Faroe Island Fisheries have a thorough understanding of the product as well as the process. They have a rich past that is honored and respected, and they have a bright future as respected leaders in this industry. The entire focus has been, is, and will always be, on providing you with the highest quality Salmon.

Ocean Tides – Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

Controlling Food Cost With Longer Shelf Life

When we look at Food Cost as a whole, purchasing, portion control, and sales are all factors. The goal of is not only to provide exemplary products,but also to assist in your profitability. The major focus for us is to provide products that not only impress our customers, but that will hold in your coolers for longer periods.Whether your restaurant is an extremely high volume business, or you are more apt to serve a smaller community, we know that loss from expired products are a drain on your cost control and profitability. That’s why we are dedicated to offering more direct sourcing from the fishermen, importers, and fish houses along many coastal areas. We want for the product to arrive to you with the least amount of  intermediate transit possible. We want the product to arrive to you as the first stop in distribution. In essence we allow our customers to purchase as distributors themselves. The average line of distribution could involve many secondary stops along the route to service. That typically puts multiple days on the product without ever seeing the inside of a restaurant. We have the solution. Direct shipping from the origin or the first leg of distribution… Shorter distribution chains translate into epic shelf live therefore reducing the hazard of loss to expiration and improving cost efficiency. We provide products that withstand “off” or slow services from weather extremes, local events, or any other impacting factor. If you are experiencing any loss in your inventory from “older” product that your are currently purchasing, please reach out to, and allow us to assist in a fresher program.

Seafood HACCP Fourth Edition

FDA Fish and Fishery Products and Hazards Controls Guidance, 4th Edition: Introduction and Overview



Ocean Tides – Special Edition Stone Crab

Chef – Stone Crab Season Opens   

 October 15th

Crab Stone Claws Totes

The Crab  (Menippe mercenaria)

Crab Stone Claws

October 15th opened the coveted Florida Stone Crab Season. We are positioned to be your direct Fresh Claw ambassadors. Florida Stone Crab Claws are an easily marketable, fine dining, menu-able product that holds the utmost “Briny Sweetness”. From Miami to Phoenix to Vegas to L.A., the Stone Crab has starred in the successes of many of our customers. is striving to promote these seasonal phenomena to anyone who would like to serve the best… Florida Stone Crab Claws! These delicious, revered, and celebrated claws have a “hand” in launching a nation-wide love of the iconic Crab House. Restaurants have, for decades, worked to refine their presentation and application for Fine Dining. This has brought Stone Crab Claws to their highest culinary pinnacle. The Stone Crab boasts one of the sweetest flavor profiles of any crustacean, and will be positioned as a direct shipping avenue for the freshest Stone Crab Claw.
Stone Crab traps will hit the Atlantic and Gulf are here! invites you to reach out to our experts to secure this program for you and your guests. Preorders will be accepted, and they are highly recommended.

The Fisheries

Boat El Toro has a long standing relationship with the Watermen of Florida whose livelihood depends on these crustaceans.   Just south of Tallahassee, in the heart of Florida’s “Big Bend” region is the port City of Saint Marks. This is the water side home of Richard, Andy, and Johnny. They are brothers from a family that has fished Apalachee Bay and the Gulf of Mexico for six generations. They each captain a boat in the family’s five boat fleet. The most notable end result of their efforts is the renowned claw of the Apalachee Stone Crab. Atlantic Stone Crab is also highly sought, and has an incredibly secure position in National Distribution. Through our “Florida Direct” Program, we source only the highest quality product available for next day delivery to our customers. This is an opportunity for our customers to doubly expand their reach into a competitive and aggressively desired menu-able product line. In each location, the Claws are meticulously harvested, brought to dock, and masterfully steamed and chilled for the highest quality Claws on the market. They are then packed and shipped within hours.
Florida Stone Crab harvests are one of the most “sustainable” crab industries in the world. Only the larger claw is removed, returning the live Stone Crab to the water to regenerate another claw. Wooden traps have historically made “Crab Hunting” by Octopus, (natural crab predators), very easy.’s partners have found opportunity in this environmental reality. They utilize heavy steel traps to prohibit the Octopus from entering. They also position Octopus Pot Traps nearby to capture the Cephalopods. These Octopus Traps also capture Black Sea Bass which will accompany the Crab and Octopus back to Dock for next day delivery to your restaurant! Consider all of the benefits to a direct line into Florida’s finest seafood for your Autumn Menu. can fill that need and much more.

The Process

Crab Stone Trap Plastic2

In the pre-dawn hours of October 15 th , Captain Andy and Captain Johnny will sail down the St. Marks River, into Apalachee Bay, and begin a process that runs until mid May.  Four days a week they will crab fish between the hours of 4:00AM and 6:00PM, followed by claw processing from 6:00PM to 9:00PM.  They bait and set a total of 6,000 pots in a fishing zone spread over 24 miles and in waters ranging from 6 to 35 feet in depth. Seven hundred pots are pulled, fished, and re-baited each fishing day.
Claws must be of legal size.  Once a pot is pulled, the claws are measured, one legal claw is removed and the crab is tossed back into the water.  The crab men are adept in identifying egg bearing female crabs and these are instantly returned to the sea with both claws still intact.
The claws are not iced on the boat as this will cause the meat to stick to the shell after processing.  Upon returning to the docks, the claws are graded as follows: Colossal (1-2 ct), Jumbo (2-3 ct), Large (3-5 ct), Selects (6 ct) and Medium (7-8 ct).  Selects are perfect for restaurants desiring claws that are all the same size.  After grading, the claws are steamed at a maximum temperature and held for ten minutes before being “shocked” in an ice bath to reduce the temperature. They are then packed and shipped to your receiving docks and kitchen doors.

Stone Crab Season is OPEN

Call for to secure yours


Josh Adams : 704-769-2260
Josh Bogen: 704-769-2261
Mike Casagrande: 704-769-2263
Lee Dellinger: 704-769-2257
Karen Harmon: 704-769-2262
Ben Hollinger: 704-769-2320
Patrick Lowder: 704-769-2265
Chris Nelson: 704-769-2256

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Mount Cook Alpine King Salmon

Salmon King AlpineBest Choice

The induction of many New Zealand King Salmon into the “Best Choice” classification of the Monterey Seafood Watch has boosted the overall notoriety of their practices. While many NZ King producers have triumphed in responsible aqua-culture, and stellar product lines, one stands unique in its clever locale and innovative operations system.

The Alpine King Salmon are a unique Freshwater King Salmon. Hatched and raised in the pristine, glacial waters of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, Mt Cook Alpine Salmon speaks for itself. A unique alpine environment, fast-flowing habitat and the delicate touch of the seasons, create the world’s finest freshwater King Salmon. Nature has done all the hard work and the flavor tells the story. The result is a salmon that is moist and delicate to the palette and sought after by leading chefs around the world. is enamored by the opportunity to work closely with the United States’ exclusive importer of Mount Cook Alpine King Salmon. Direct Priority Overnight shipping opportunities allow our customers to receive the freshest Alpine Kings. With Sushi and Sashimi quality, the Alpine King has a place in any application. From French classic to cutting edge fusion, Alpine King Salmon by has a place on any menu or feature board. We offer Import Direct with quality guaranteed product each week. Reach out to learn more about this unique Salmon offering.

Thank You for a Tremendous 2014

Happy New Year

And in a blink, 2014 passed. We hope that your New Year’s Eve service went splendidly with many outstanding dishes and enamored guests. Team SeafoodS is honored to have played any part of your success, and we welcome any opportunity to serve you in this new year.

As you wake with a sense of nostalgia for 2014, and a raging ambition to begin 2015, we wanted to convey our deepest gratitude. Your dedication to making individual components come together in artistic and delicious creations is an art that not only nourishes the body, but gives sustenance to life itself. Each of us wants to be doted over, and preparing a meal is a defining act of care. Tireless effort combined with leadership, knowledge, skill, and an adventurous spirit is what heightens a great cook to a phenomenal chef. knows this because each week you share with us, not only your ingredient needs, but also your ideas, pictures, stories, recipes, and your culinary instinct. For these things, we are appreciative beyond measure, and to be a part of a Chef’s professional advancements is humbling, to say the least. commits to continue the points of service that wins and retains your business, and ultimately become your most trusted advocate in procurement. This is our promise . Help us expand this promise by submitting your needs and challenges. Allow us to be an anchor in your supply.

We wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.

2014 Halibut Quotas

Fins Still Moving

Fins Still Moving

The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) completed its 90th Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA on January 17, with Dr. James Balsiger of Juneau, Alaska, presiding as Chair. More than 250 halibut industry stakeholders attended the meeting, with over 60 more participating via the web. All of the Commission’s public and administrative sessions during the meeting were open to the public and broadcast on the web.

 The Commission is recommending to the governments of Canada and the United States catch limits for 2014 totaling 27,515,000 pounds. The Commission is responding to stock challenges with a risk-based precautionary approach and review of the current harvest policy to ensure the best possible advice. Accordingly, it has set catch limits that should achieve a lower coastwide harvest rate than the 2013 catch limits of 31,028,000 pounds. The Commission also addressed other regulatory issues and took actions regarding assessment survey expansion, bycatch management, and follow-up from the 2012 IPHC performance review.

The Commission approved a season of March 8 – November 7, 2014, for the U.S. and Canadian Individual Quota fisheries. Seasons will commence at noon local time on March 8 and terminate at noon local time on November 7, 2014.
will be your most discerning and direct point of distribution this coming season. We ship directly from the fishermen and the quality is unsurpassed in the marketplace!

A Visit To Harlow NYC

Branzino - Wasabi Stem Gremolata, Crispy Hearts of Palm (

Branzino – Wasabi Stem Gremolata, Crispy Hearts of Palm (

“Swanky seafood surfaces in Midtown at this subterranean newcomer that’s an out-of-the-box hit with high-flying high-society types; no surprise the price tags are hefty, but payoffs include gorgeous staffers, serious cocktails, and a glamorous setting outfitted with deco furniture, ornate plasterwork and a sleek raw bar.” – Zagat

My Father – in his retirement – resurrected his passion for making art, and although he lives in Northern Kentucky, his mix of “Art History” and “Surrealism” caught the eye of a gallery curator in Chelsea. He was asked to display four pieces in a show, so my wife Mary and I headed to New York City for a weekend to attend his opening (Agora Gallery Feat. Sam Hollingsworth).

When we travel, Mary and I generally look to soak up the local scene, take in the culture, and seek out amazing food and this trip was no different. Mixed into an enjoyable walk in Central Park, a visit the Guggenheim, and window shopping on Madison Avenue, we enjoyed a breakfast sandwich near Gramercy Park, hand-made mini doughnuts in Hell’s Kitchen and house cured Salmon on the Upper East Side. However, the biggest highlight (outside of my Father’s display) was a trip to Harlow, a customer.

My goal when visiting any customer is to experience the restaurant like any other guest, so we made our reservation through OpenTable. We found Harlow to be a stunningly beautiful space mixing art deco with modern lines and sensibilities. The wait staff was friendly, professional, and well-versed on the menu. I’m on a Spanish wine kick right now and found an excellent Priorat blend. The menu was full of unique seafood, and I was proud to see three items featured on the menu including our Salt Prawns. We had a number of things including the crudo Hamachi sparsely adorned with a soy salt called “soyu.” The umami in this light, flaky finishing ingredient was incredible. The Branzino from was filleted and cooked perfectly and I am still craving the Wasabi Gremolata served alongside. Harlow’s kitchen, under direction of Executive Chef Danny Ye, clearly demonstrates a deep passion and understanding of their craft. Cheers!

At the end of the meal, I did get the opportunity to visit with Chef Rick Liang in the kitchen and thank him for his support. would not be what it is today without customers who value the quality of their seafood, the dedication of our associates, and the service we provide. The most rewarding part of the visit was when I was stopped by several servers on the way out. They thanked me for our great product and shared that the Branzino was the best seller on the menu and they were proud to recommend it to their guests!

What a great partnership!!!

Chad Hollingsworth