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Chef – Deep Water Pacific Favorites!

San Diego’s ports harbor some of the Pacific’s most dedicated men and women of the sea. Longline Boats like F/V Kraken and F/V Anthony G offload each week with brilliant pelagic species found between the mainland and Hawaii. The brilliant winds of the Pacific often slipstream the catch into port as quickly as it is boated. Displaying the highest quality is what the San Diego fishery is highly renowned, and we have it for you the very next morning. Find the species that fits your need and it’s a call away.

Bigeye Tuna – “Bigeye”
(Thunnus obesus)

Bigeye is a deeper swimming species and, for natural reasoning, contains higher fat contents that Albacore, Yellowfin, and Skipjack Tunas. Bigeye is noted for its deep color, and softer flesh. The larger the Bigeye, the higher the fat content. Look at its scientific name. Bigeye’s fat content is right in the name. It is perfect for raw application, and caramelizes very well in high heat cooking. San Diego’s Longliners offload each week and make available some of the freshest short trip Bigeye on the market. We see typically two sizes of Bigeye in our San Diego Longline distribution. 40/60 lb fish yield “medium loins” while the 60/100+ offer us the “large loins”. Call every Monday to see what F/V Kraken is offloading.

Sickle Pomfret – “Monchong”
(Taractichthys steindachneri)

Monchong is a deep ocean Pomfret that offers a lightly flavored, very moist flesh. It has a stark white color when cooked and is forgiving to high heat and caramelizes well. The Monchong offers plenty of nutritional value and is a clean taste that accents many Pacific Rim, Latin, and French culinary styles. offers Monchong from the pelagic waters off the coast of California with Overnight Priority Shipping. SoCal Monchong is a testament to the quality that is California seafood. Monchong is not a targeted species, rather it is caught incidentally in fisheries targeting tuna, snapper and other species. There are also no well-defined seasonal trends in availability. The lack of consistent availability of this fish is part of what makes it so exotic and desirable.

Broadbill Swordfish – “Swordfsih”  
(Xiphias gladius

Swordfish has a firm meaty texture and sweet and robust flavor which allows for a variety of applications. However, a steak cut is the most popular presentation of this fish due to the large size and compact flesh of its loins. From receiving, it lends itself to a great butchering aspect. From whole fish, to wagon wheels, to steak ready loins, this cylindrical body has a great yield. Cutting waste, cutting butcher time, cutting cost. With the firm texture of the flesh, and abundant flavor, California Swordfish is phenomenal for grilling, light smoking, and broiling. It also caramelizes nicely in a searing application. It holds up fearlessly against powerful “sets” and spices.  The California fishery is managed by National Marine Fisheries, which considers swordfish stocks in healthy condition and rates it a sustainable resource.

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Valentine’s Day 2014 Menu Planning

Valentine's Day 2014 Menu Planning

Valentine’s Day 2014 Menu Planning

Timing is Key

While Valentine’s Day is a month away (Friday February 14, 2014), the time for menu planning is here. wants to make this the easiest procurement, with phenomenal product and service. While you look to the “Two-Top Bombardment”, we look to assist in the “Wow” of your menu. has the products to do just that!

Some products bring about “Free Marketing” thanks to Facebook, Instagram, and other Social platforms. Imagine the “Water Cooler” discussions about the “largest Shrimp ever seen”, or “the most tender Wagyu Beef”.

Here are a few “Show Stoppers” that we carry. We hope that it assists in your menu planning.

Tahitian Tuna – “A Profitable Solution”

#1 Tahitian Tuna Cryovac Loin

#1 Tahitian Tuna Cryovac Loin

Our Team was given a challenge in the second half of 2012 – “Consistent Ahi Tuna!” Everything was on the table… Price had to be consistent, quality had to be consistent, trim spec, shelf-life, packaging- EVERYTHING! We gladly accepted the challenge. Why not?? These types of solution-based programs are what we live for! It’s simple – We solve our customers’ problems day in and day out.

From July 2012 to January 11, 2013, has purchased over 13,000 pounds of Tahitian Ahi Tuna. We are pleased and humbled to report that through the hard work and support of key Customers, Fishermen, and Importers, the program is an overwhelming success! Out of the 13,000 pounds of tuna we have shipped to our customers, we have credited less than 200 pounds!! That is what we like to call quality and reliability.

We researched every market in the world to explore fishing practices, logistics in place, sustainability results, grading resources, and more. At the end of the day, Tahiti really stepped up for and our customers. Check out the program…

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