Ocean Tides – Northern Halibut 2017

Halibut Opens March 11th

The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) completed its Ninety-third Annual Meeting in Victoria, BC, Canada on 27 January, 2017. More than 200 halibut industry stakeholders attended the meeting, with approximately 80 more participating in web broadcasts of the public sessions. The Commission approved a season of March 11th to November 7th 2017, for the U.S. and Canadian quota fisheries. Seasons will commence at noon local time on 11 March and terminate at noon local time on 7 November 2017.

Alaskan Halibut – Day Boat Direct

   Our Day Boat Direct Alaskan Halibut is the jewel in the crown of our seasonal Springtime offerings. With direct Alaskan flights and priority overnight shipping avenues, we guarantee the freshest Halibut with the longest shelf life.

   The Seafood Producers Cooperative focuses our supply from the celebrated “2C” fishing grounds. The 2C quota has been set for a total commercial catch of 4,212,000 lbs of Alaskan Halibut this season and we are your direct source for this one of a kind opportunity. We have “Air Fish”. This accelerates the shipping to offer unsurpassed freshness and the big fish when the smaller fish will not suffice. When offloaded at the docks, the Halibut puddle jumps to L.A. where the whole fish are repackaged with fresh cold packs for a same day shipment to the restaurant. offers expert fabrication and has some of the tightest trim available in commercial wholesale distribution.

   Along with Alaskan Halibut, can build a perfect “Menu Box” with some of New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti, Japan, and California’s greatest seafood options packed alongside your Halibut order. This is an exceptionally creative advantage and is available to our customers throughout the season. With Halibut fulfilling your shipping weight, it’s an easy way to try species that you have underutilized in the past. Accompany Halibut on your menu with a phenomenal New Zealand King Salmon (Seafood Watch “Best Choice”) for a consistent Salmon preparations, New Zealand Tai Snappers for whole fish presentations, Australian Hiramasa for sashimi, Tahitian Yellowfin Tuna for grandiose appetizers, New Zealand Groper for an elevated “Grouper-like” experience, New Zealand Cockles for a stunning pasta, Pacific Oysters for an elaborate raw bar, Saltwater Barramundi or Tahitian Albacore for unique lunch offerings, Japanese Madai and Hamachi for all things sushi, Spanish Turbot for your coveted Prixe Fixe wine/beer/whisky dinners, and many more available items including grass fed butter, Uni, Wagyu, Crab, Lobster, Loupe de Mer, Opah, Swordfish, Black Cod, and Ling.

The world is opened to you in a single call. The best of Alaska meets the best of the world in a single shipment. Delivered to your restaurant in a single day. Ultimate quality to the last single fish of the season. Make room for this unique opportunity this Spring and beyond. Secure your program this week.


Contact to Build This Year’s Halibut Program

Josh Adams : 704-769-2260
Josh Bogen: 704-769-2261
Mike Casagrande: 704-769-2263
Karen Harmon: 704-769-2262
Patrick Lowder: 704-769-2265
Chris Nelson: 704-769-2256
Aaron Philbrick: 704-769-2320


Ocean Tides – Partner Spotlight

Celebrating Great Fishermen

We are ecstatic to welcome Cordova, AK Salmon Fisherman Andrew Eckley (above) to’s excellent team of providers.

Alongside Capt. Andrew, his sister Tracy and brother-in-law Justin fish daily aboard F/V Black Bird for some of the best Salmon in the waters of Alaska.

Their dear friend Mark also assists in this family fishery aboard F/V Silver Moon. A tighter group of fishermen is hard to find in the competitive industry of Salmon fishing.

Capt. Andrew’s sister is one of only four females who are fishing the sometimes brutal waters of the Cordova region. Tracey grips her son Sam as she knows that he is the future, and generational fishing is extremely important to the great folks of Alaska.

Cordova Direct Coho Salmon

About this Family Fishery
Captain Andrew and his family have been fishing the waters for a great while, and their bread was buttered on the side of cannery fish. The operation of their family relied heavily on the Tinder Vessels that accepted their catch to move to the canneries of Alaska to then be processed and distributed throughout the world. Though it was fortuitous at the time they knew that the True Day Boat “Top-of-Catch” fish were much too  beautiful  to become an emaciated, canned, and shelved grocery store item. The logistics of moving Day Boat Salmon to the lower 48 is also a competitive and daunting  industry that sometimes moves to the beat of their own drum. It may even overlook the smaller vessels who’s catch warrant better representation. That’s where another small team of passionate people come into the picture. was able to provide a logistical solution with Capt. Andrew. We were able to solve the challenges of bringing Eckley’s absolutely stellar Salmon to a fresh Day Boat market. It was a mission to finally represent the quality of his catch and offer the respect that these Salmon deserve. Capt. Andrew and his family are vertebrae in the backbone of Alaska’s Cordova region. They are the players in the game of sustainable Alaskan seafood. They are the bedrock of family business, and they are here to provide you with the Salmon that they love. We are here to simply get the Salmon from their hold to your prep table. If you like to trace your catch to the fishermen, look again to Capt. Andrew and family. From their family, to our family, to your family, Chef…
About the Fish
(Oncorhynchus kisutch)
Up now are the brilliant Coho, the Silver Salmon of Alaska. The mildly flavored Coho is a brightly colored flesh that has a leaner texture of the King Salmon. While market weights range between 6 to 8 lbs, the fish of the Cordova Direct program with Capt. Andrew consistently offers fish above 10 lbs. Larger Cohos tend to be a wider fillet and are readily apt to accept any cooking methods warranted by the chef. The slightly lowered fat content of Coho lends itself to a silky mouth feel that doesn’t over encapsulate other ingredients. It is a perfect species for house-smoked applications and house-cured representation. It finds a home on the grill, in the broiler, simply sauteed, or even sous vide. It’s vibrant coloration pops in crudo, tartare, sushi, and sashimi. Coho has a reputation as one of the best flavors in the Salmon kingdom and we excitedly offer it direct from the source. Look for availability midweek.
About the Passion
Like the culinary profession, farming and fishing is seeing the up-and-coming youth taking the reigns of a centuries old industries. I know your social media feed is loaded with pics of your favorite farmers’ fare. The generational shift has always been and will always be, but it seems more rapid in certain arenas. These transitions all have a common goal; to be recognized for the talent, effort, passion, and dedication  as quickly as possible. This is where Capt. Andrew and his family strive as well. We want the success of a hard job to be prolific and hasty for this young crew, and we wish the same for any Chef and Restaurateur. It’s no light task of running a business, and any assistance that we can provide each other raises all ships.


Simply Call The Team At to learn more about the Cordova Direct Coho.
Josh Adams : 704-769-2260
Josh Bogen: 704-769-2261
Mike Casagrande: 704-769-2263
Karen Harmon: 704-769-2262
Jon Flower – 704-769-2258
Patrick Lowder: 704-769-2265
Chris Nelson: 704-769-2256
Brad Rosa: 704-413-3267

Ocean Tides – Troll King Salmon

Chef – Kings Are Running the Sounds!

Throughout the Pacific Northwest, King Salmon are gorging and fattening in the bays and sounds. They are packing fat for their River Runs and Troll fishermen in our network are hooking up. The forecast for Troll Kings is one of the best in recent history, and we are seeing some of these fish docking. The Sitka cooperative that seamlessly supplies  our Halibut program are speculating great Spring Chinook runs in Alaska, while Washington, California, Boston, and the Southeast are also poised for direct distribution with With these boat bled fish, we will see highly fattened, carefully handled, insanely fresh, and hastily dispatched Troll Kings in many of our distribution partnerships. This allows you an exceptional King Salmon no matter your location. prides itself in solution based operating practices, and our Troll King Salmon opportunities are shining examples of what we can accomplish for our customers. With daily communications with the boats, docks, airlines, logistic teams, and operators, we ensure each delivery to rival any Salmon option on the market. Direct Troll King Salmon allows you to purchase fish as it is being prepped for secondary distribution. Priority Overnight Deliveries put our fish on your cutting board before other fish hit sales sheets and email blasts. Fresher fish, longer shelf, and unwavering guarantees allow our customers to be in the first links of a very long supply chain.
We will have a brief couple of weeks for the Sitka Troll Spring Chinook. As quotas are met in southern Alaska, the Trolling will move south through British Columbia and then on into Washington, Oregon, and northern California. This extension of fisheries reach will allow to keep Troll Kings on your menu into early summer. Time is of the essence, and we wish you all a Happy Memorial Day, but come Tuesday morning, we invite you all to reach out to to secure your Troll Caught King Salmon.

Sitka Sound 

Bleeding Fish

Boated, Bled, and Iced

Contact to Customize Troll King Features

Josh Adams : 704-769-2260
Josh Bogen: 704-769-2261
Mike Casagrande: 704-769-2263
Karen Harmon: 704-769-2262
Jon Flower – 704-769-2258
Ben Hollinger: 704-769-2320
Patrick Lowder: 704-769-2265
Chris Nelson: 704-769-2256
Brad Rosa:  704-413-3267

Follow the River

Follow the River

2015 Alaskan River Chinook Approach

In the coming months will “Follow the River”. We begin in the early parts of May tracing the Alaskan Chinook River Runs. Our intent is to bring the marketability of the best “Salmon Story” to our customers while taking a brief tour of the Alaskan River Systems. Along the way we will showcase the pristine rivers and watersheds of Alaska and offer their bounty direct to our customers. This will be an entertaining way to learn more about the rivers, openings, management, trace-ability, and species while simultaneously sourcing the Salmon of specific fisheries. The goal will be to attribute to your successes in sourcing and presenting a highly recognizable product. Look for the upcoming “Copper River Opening”, and allow to provide a menu able Chinook for the 2015 “River Run”.

Bringing Sable to the Table

Black Cod Dish2

Along with stellar Halibut, we offer “Air Freight Fresh” Alaskan Black Cod! Direct Flights provide the opportunity to receive Alaskan Black Cod with the quickest turnaround available.

Alaskan Black Cod (aka Sable) is one of the North Pacific’s finest features. With deep levels of moisture and a paper white flesh, the Black Cod represents the apex of fine dining. Occasionally referred to as “Butterfish”, there isn’t a better way to describe this species. Butter…

While enjoying the Alaskan Power Duo of Black Cod and Halibut, remember… is a great resource for that Seafood Section of your menu. With the quick repack in L.A., you have the freedom to “Build A Box”. displays a wide variety of incredible line of species available to pack alongside your Alaskan fish. Here are a few examples of a “Built Box”, but there are way too many to list:

  • Alaskan Black Cod for your Menu and New Zealand Tai Snapper for your Whole Fish Feature.
  • Alaskan Halibut for your Menu and Tahitian #1 Yellowfin Tuna for your Sashimi Feature.
  • New Zealand Bluenose (aka Antarctic Butterfish) and Alaskan Black Cod (aka Alaskan Butterfish) for a “Butterfish” Duo.
  • Alaskan Black Cod for Dinner Service and Saltwater Barramundi portions for Lunch.
  • Alaskan Black Cod with a 5 ounce Brazilian Lobster Tail add on.