Ocean Tides – Partner Spotlight

Celebrating Great Fishermen

We are ecstatic to welcome Cordova, AK Salmon Fisherman Andrew Eckley (above) to’s excellent team of providers.

Alongside Capt. Andrew, his sister Tracy and brother-in-law Justin fish daily aboard F/V Black Bird for some of the best Salmon in the waters of Alaska.

Their dear friend Mark also assists in this family fishery aboard F/V Silver Moon. A tighter group of fishermen is hard to find in the competitive industry of Salmon fishing.

Capt. Andrew’s sister is one of only four females who are fishing the sometimes brutal waters of the Cordova region. Tracey grips her son Sam as she knows that he is the future, and generational fishing is extremely important to the great folks of Alaska.

Cordova Direct Coho Salmon

About this Family Fishery
Captain Andrew and his family have been fishing the waters for a great while, and their bread was buttered on the side of cannery fish. The operation of their family relied heavily on the Tinder Vessels that accepted their catch to move to the canneries of Alaska to then be processed and distributed throughout the world. Though it was fortuitous at the time they knew that the True Day Boat “Top-of-Catch” fish were much too  beautiful  to become an emaciated, canned, and shelved grocery store item. The logistics of moving Day Boat Salmon to the lower 48 is also a competitive and daunting  industry that sometimes moves to the beat of their own drum. It may even overlook the smaller vessels who’s catch warrant better representation. That’s where another small team of passionate people come into the picture. was able to provide a logistical solution with Capt. Andrew. We were able to solve the challenges of bringing Eckley’s absolutely stellar Salmon to a fresh Day Boat market. It was a mission to finally represent the quality of his catch and offer the respect that these Salmon deserve. Capt. Andrew and his family are vertebrae in the backbone of Alaska’s Cordova region. They are the players in the game of sustainable Alaskan seafood. They are the bedrock of family business, and they are here to provide you with the Salmon that they love. We are here to simply get the Salmon from their hold to your prep table. If you like to trace your catch to the fishermen, look again to Capt. Andrew and family. From their family, to our family, to your family, Chef…
About the Fish
(Oncorhynchus kisutch)
Up now are the brilliant Coho, the Silver Salmon of Alaska. The mildly flavored Coho is a brightly colored flesh that has a leaner texture of the King Salmon. While market weights range between 6 to 8 lbs, the fish of the Cordova Direct program with Capt. Andrew consistently offers fish above 10 lbs. Larger Cohos tend to be a wider fillet and are readily apt to accept any cooking methods warranted by the chef. The slightly lowered fat content of Coho lends itself to a silky mouth feel that doesn’t over encapsulate other ingredients. It is a perfect species for house-smoked applications and house-cured representation. It finds a home on the grill, in the broiler, simply sauteed, or even sous vide. It’s vibrant coloration pops in crudo, tartare, sushi, and sashimi. Coho has a reputation as one of the best flavors in the Salmon kingdom and we excitedly offer it direct from the source. Look for availability midweek.
About the Passion
Like the culinary profession, farming and fishing is seeing the up-and-coming youth taking the reigns of a centuries old industries. I know your social media feed is loaded with pics of your favorite farmers’ fare. The generational shift has always been and will always be, but it seems more rapid in certain arenas. These transitions all have a common goal; to be recognized for the talent, effort, passion, and dedication  as quickly as possible. This is where Capt. Andrew and his family strive as well. We want the success of a hard job to be prolific and hasty for this young crew, and we wish the same for any Chef and Restaurateur. It’s no light task of running a business, and any assistance that we can provide each other raises all ships.


Simply Call The Team At to learn more about the Cordova Direct Coho.
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Ocean Tides – Spiny Lobster

Chef – Florida Spiny Lobster Season is Here.

Saturday kicked off the 2016 Florida Spiny Lobster Season. The Season will run for eight months with bountiful projections. is positioned to acquire Lobsters from various Florida coastal locations to secure the best available for our customers. With Priority Overnight shipping, we guarantee a direct source and incomparable quality. See why Spiny Lobster is so often celebrated in restaurants across coastal southern states.

Spiny Lobster

(Panulirus argus)

Commonly referred to as the Florida spiny lobster, the Caribbean spiny lobster inhabits tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico. Spiny lobsters get their name from the forward-pointing spines that cover their bodies to help protect them from predators. They vary in color from almost white to dark red-orange. The spiny lobster is a highly sought delicacy and brings recreational “hunters” from all over the country and beyond to seek this intriguing species. The tail of the spiny lobster offers succulence and sweetness while maintaining a clean flavor and unmistakable texture. It adapts to a multitude of cooking methods and recipes. From steam, court-bullion, and butter poaching to the open flames of the grill, the spiny lobster meets each technique with the same remarkable end… DELICIOUSNESS.

Lobster Dish2

Spiny lobster is a highly marketable and renowned seafood item. The possible challenges of “introducing” a seafood item or ingredient to your guests are not present with this acclaimed favorite. Offering a historic coastal specialty in many national markets is what makes so pleased with our, direct from Florida, spiny lobster program. Contact us for your specialized spiny lobster menu option, and allow us to assist in “building” a perfect Florida box.

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Ocean Tides – Boston Day Boat

Chef – Boston Day Boats Have Menus Reelin’ let’s you inspire the kitchen and treat your guests to the extraordinary! Each month will supplement your monthly menu planning by featuring a seasonal direct program from a specific region of the globe. Our direct programs will bring the outstanding culinary experience of each region directly to your restaurant, menu, team, and guests. We are already gearing up for August. Stellar things go on and onto the Boston Day Boat Pier. is here to get those creative juices flowing for your August menu plan. Contact your sales rep today to build your ideal box.

Wild Striped Bass 

(Morone saxatilis) 

Wild striped Bass season runs from south to north and back down again. sources Atlantic Wild Striped Bass from many areas, but there is no comparison to a day boat haul on the Boston Pier. Our main focus in the next few weeks are the monster Massachusetts slobber knockers. Wild Striped Bass is a rich and luxurious Seabass. It has a large loose flake that is packed with ample moisture. A regular diet of migratory crab and shrimp offer a genuine sweetness that compliments the acidity of Summer Tomatoes perfectly. Wild Striped Bass is an American Sustainability Success Story. Once so abundant that they were caught just to fertilize fields, the Fish were harvested at an alarming rate as the American population rose. Today, Fishing regulation and restriction have brought the biomass back to its former glory. If you are looking for a thick fillet that showcases a true Seabass, call for Wild Striped Bass.

Jumbo Sushi Fluke 

(Paralichthys dentatus) 

Nantucket Jumbo Sushi Fluke are landed by Hook & Line methods. This means that they are caught one or two at a time by rod and reel. The fluke are immediately pressure bled with clean spray of saltwater through their circulatory system and quickly submerged into an icy saltwater solution. This brings their temperatures to below forty degrees Fahrenheit within minutes. This provides the freshest fish available on the market. Nantucket Sushi Fluke arrive to your restaurant within a day and a half of catch; often still stiff from rigor mortis. With this insane turnaround, your Fluke program can contend with the most rigorous Sashimi/Sushi standards in the country. offers an overnight delivery of the freshest Nantucket Sushi Fluke available to our customers. Take Hirame to your own new heights.

Sashimi East Coast Halibut 

(Hippoglossus hippoglossus) 

If you like your Sashimi/Sushi more Engawa in size, Sashimi Day Boat East Coast Halibut may be your Flatfish. Atlantic Halibut is a large Flatfish in the same Genus as Alaskan Halibut. If you are researching brilliant light, white, and flaky fish to cook, the Atlantic Halibut offers the same flake, sweetness and paper white flesh as the Alaskan Halibut with a slightly leaner and cleaner finish. It has a beautiful large flake and a firm yet supple consistency. These fish are rock stars of the Flatfish world. Receiving the highest care from Hook & Line fishermen propels this fish to a crudo-worthy loftiness. Day Boat runs from the Gulf of Maine offload in Boston daily. This is a steady supply of an amazing Sashimi quality Halibut. Our Sashimi Atlantic Halibuts are marketed as Whole, Whole H&G, or Fillet. Most market fish run between 10 and 50 lbs. It’s the fish for any dish, and we ship priority overnight direct.

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Ocean Tides – SoCal is SoHot

Chef – Baja Brings The Boom!

The Baja & Southern California fisheries are some of the most unique in the nation. With Hand Line caught species from the Pangas of Baja and the fleet of vessels that call San Diego home, relishes in the offerings of these superb seafood items.

Hand Line Fishermen of the Baja have been an intergral part of From small fishing villages along the northern part of the Baja Peninsula, Day Boat Fishermen set out in small Wooden Pangas for a day of hand lining and scallop diving. The honor of tradition and familial unity are drivers in this amazing Day Boat program. Fishermen – The Quintero Family, Ortega Cruz, Elmar King, Paisa Ocegueda

San Diego’s ports harbor some of the Pacific’s most dedicated men and women of the sea. Longline Boats like F/V Kraken and F/V Anthony G offload each week with brilliant pelagic species found between the mainland and Hawaii. The brilliant winds of the Pacific often slipstream the catch into port as quickly as it is boated. Displaying the highest quality is what the San Diego fishery is highly renowned, and we have it for you the very next morning. Find the species that fits your need and it’s a call away.

Yellowtail Jack – “Wild Hamachi”
(Seriola lalandi dorsalis)

Wild hand lined Baja Yellowtail Jack (aka Amberjack) are an intricate part of Baja fisheries. With a healthy biomass running between the open Pacific and the Gulf of California, it has long been a staple species for the Panga fishermen. Yellowtail Jack feed veraciously on a bounty of schooling “bait” fish as well as squid, and crab. The vastness of the Yellowtail Jacks’ diet translates to a rich and deep flavor profile. Natural oils provide an abundant moisture that is incredibly resistant to high heat cooking applications. The profound color of the raw flesh is a distinctive marker for identifying this species as wild. It has a deep pink to red that is unique to its varied diet. As value is perceived, this option in Yellowtail is absolute. Direct lines into San Diego from Baja allow for the price to remain low and approachable, and availability is strong for Menu-ability.

Gold Spotted Sand Bass – “Spotted Bass”
(Paralabrax auroguttatus)

Gold Spotted Sand Bass have a light, clean flavor with a medium flake. The fish are hand line caught about 200-500 ft. deep. the display great portion yields from 1-3 lb. fish, and we have been seeing “big” 4 lb fish this season. The skin has a light flavor and crisps nicely. The spots remain visible with gentle cooking methods, but a hard sear makes for a “bacon like” snap on skin up presentations. The firm yet delicate flesh of the Gold Spotted Sand Bass handles any application thrown its way. The fillets portion nicely and appear “fat” for their length. This allows for multiple plating designs, and the racks make a brilliant broth. Ceviche is a great application for this unique species, and a quick saute shows off the elegance of its muscle structure. It is unique as a food fish, and historically only enjoyed by the person at the other end of the line that boated it. Try a very “cool” species, with great value attached to its price point, for your late Spring menu features.

Pacific White Seabass – “California Bass”  
(Atractoscion nobilis

We have touched on the flavor and texture of the Pacific White Seabass. It has the moisture of Wild Striped Bass, the clean finish of Grouper, the flavor of Redfish, and the flake of Toothfish. A brilliant flesh of paper white and a usability that crosses all culinary landscapes can be found in Pacific White Seabass. As if these we not enough, The White Seabass has a multitude of other features that is sure to make it a worthy species on your next feature or menu offering. The management of Pacific White Seabass is a true testament to proactive conservation. Not only is this species incredibly resilient to biomass depletion, they also are tightly accounted in the specific waters of our supply. Typically netted in the other fisheries, the California and Baja fisheries lean heavily on a hook and line harvest method. With a 3 month closure during spawn, the White Seabass are guaranteed a recuperative reproduction period that ensures its survival. The seasonal runs are a magnificent onslaught of an amazing food fish, and it appears that it is here to stay.


Contact to Customize Your SoCal Features

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Ocean Tides – Troll King Salmon

Chef – Kings Are Running the Sounds!

Throughout the Pacific Northwest, King Salmon are gorging and fattening in the bays and sounds. They are packing fat for their River Runs and Troll fishermen in our network are hooking up. The forecast for Troll Kings is one of the best in recent history, and we are seeing some of these fish docking. The Sitka cooperative that seamlessly supplies  our Halibut program are speculating great Spring Chinook runs in Alaska, while Washington, California, Boston, and the Southeast are also poised for direct distribution with With these boat bled fish, we will see highly fattened, carefully handled, insanely fresh, and hastily dispatched Troll Kings in many of our distribution partnerships. This allows you an exceptional King Salmon no matter your location. prides itself in solution based operating practices, and our Troll King Salmon opportunities are shining examples of what we can accomplish for our customers. With daily communications with the boats, docks, airlines, logistic teams, and operators, we ensure each delivery to rival any Salmon option on the market. Direct Troll King Salmon allows you to purchase fish as it is being prepped for secondary distribution. Priority Overnight Deliveries put our fish on your cutting board before other fish hit sales sheets and email blasts. Fresher fish, longer shelf, and unwavering guarantees allow our customers to be in the first links of a very long supply chain.
We will have a brief couple of weeks for the Sitka Troll Spring Chinook. As quotas are met in southern Alaska, the Trolling will move south through British Columbia and then on into Washington, Oregon, and northern California. This extension of fisheries reach will allow to keep Troll Kings on your menu into early summer. Time is of the essence, and we wish you all a Happy Memorial Day, but come Tuesday morning, we invite you all to reach out to to secure your Troll Caught King Salmon.

Sitka Sound 

Bleeding Fish

Boated, Bled, and Iced

Contact to Customize Troll King Features

Josh Adams : 704-769-2260
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Mike Casagrande: 704-769-2263
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Ocean Tides – New England Oysters

Chef – New England Oysters   

 August Pearls

Oysters2 let’s you inspire the kitchen and treat your guests to the extraordinary! Each month will supplement your monthly menu planning by featuring a seasonal direct program from a specific region of the globe. Our direct programs will bring the outstanding culinary experience of each region directly to your restaurant, menu, team, and guests.

August is here and we look to the Shellfish of New England. This week we take on a vast and varied market; the Northeast Oyster. We’ll focus on the famed production locations of Canada, Maine, and Massachusetts. When you find a perfect Oyster Line Up, please contact your sales rep today to build your ideal box.

Chapter 5: Oysters

Eastern Oysters  (Crassostrea virginica)

August has no “R”. That’s okay. The rule of “R” was created before the invention of mechanical refrigeration. It made very little sense to spend more for the ice to keep the Oysters cold than the Oysters themselves. With modern systems in place, it is safe to serve oysters year-round.

Eastern Oysters of New England and Canada are as varied as the waters that they inhabit. Oysters are a unique seafood in that they possess the flavors, brine and qualities of the environment in which they are grown. The majority of New England and Canadian Oysters are farmed with the exception of a very few wild harvests. The Oysters are typically named for the beach, bay, river, sound, island, or town from which they are raised. Each with its specific signature in size, taste, shell, and shape, the Eastern Oyster can take your guests on a terrific journey up and down the New England Coast. is fortunate to offer one of the largest variety and availability in Oysters. Our Overnight Shipping allows our customers the opportunity to serve Oysters with no geographic limitations. Though we offer nearly 100 varieties from around the world, we look this week to the briny shores of New England and neighboring Canada.


Canadian Oysters

Canadian Oysters are prized for the deep cup and typically small width. Covering the areas of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, the availability is immense. The intense brine of a Canadian Oyster is unmistakable. Here are some of Canada’s most marketable Oysters.
Malpaque – Prince Edward Island:
Grown in Malpaque Bay, these Oysters are true “Boutique”. A relatively small Oyster with a deep cup. Big brine with a significant “crunch” and a sweet clean finish.
Fancy Sweet Carraquette – New Brunswick:
Fancy Sweet is the smallest Carraquette oyster on the market place. Highly mineralized water often gives the meat a dark color but contributes to its uniqueness and fresh flavor. A “sweet” oyster by smell and equally “sweet” by taste.
Malagash – Nova Scotia:
These medium standard oysters are grown in the Malagash Basin on the north shore of Nova Scotia. In spite of the extreme northern location, growing conditions and results in these cold North Atlantic waters are terrific for this unique 3 to 3 ½ inch oyster. Malagash oysters have a mildly salty flavor with a slightly smoky, mineral finish.

Maine Oysters

Maine Oysters have the benefit of an incredibly mineral rich waterfront. Maine oysters grow slowly. While southern oysters can reach market size in a year or less, a Maine oyster needs three years minimum. A four-year-old, cold-water Maine oyster has a glorious depth of texture and flavor.
Black Bear Points – Bagaduce River:
These 3+ inch medium cup oysters are mild with a clean finish and a sun bleached shell. They are surface grown on the Bagaduce River just north of Bear Head by the growers of the Little Island Oyster. Tended by hand, the only machinery used in the raising of this oyster is a solar-powered grader/tumbler.
Pemaquid – Damariscotta River:
Grown in the deep holes of the Damariscotta River, the Pemaquid have a light and lemony flavor. Growing very large, up to 5 inches, the Pemaquid only gets more interesting as they grow.
Belon ( Ostrea edulis) North American Flats – Boothbay Harbor:
A minuscule 5,000 Belon a year are pulled in Maine and sold, making them one of the rarest oysters in the world. Rowan Jacobsen states, “these wild oysters are as powerful as any on the planet, redolent of fish and zinc and umami-not for the faint of heart.”

Massachusetts Oysters

Massachusetts Oysters rival any on the planet. The abundant salinity of its shores offer a brine and “pickle-like liveliness” that make the Massachusetts Oyster industry one of the nations most revered. Massachusetts is inherently proud of a long and rich history of Oyster production. Some harvest locations have been producing Oysters for over two centuries
Wellfleet – Wellfleet Estuary:
These 3 to 3 ½ inch oysters have always been enjoyed extensively throughout Cape Cod. Wellfleets resemble Malpeques in their light body and clean finish, but they are even saltier. A varied assortment of growing and farming methods develop an especially plump and hearty New England oyster with consistent size and shape.
Cotuit – Cotuit Bay:
A Cotuit Oyster is well-known and demanded by oyster enthusiasts in many parts of the world for its naturally briny, Cape Cod flavors and perfectly, palatable half shell size. Dating back to 1857, The Cotuit Oyster Company produces one of the oldest brand name oysters in the United States. This is the only shellfish farm operating in Cotuit Bay and is currently utilizing over 33 acres of perfect oyster growing waters. There are a number of fresh water streams, marshes and estuaries that combine with clean water from Nantucket Sound and enter Cotuit Bay through the Wianno Cut and Cotuit Channel. This is the key to providing the oysters a rich and diverse food supply.
Warren Cove – White’s Flat:
Some of the best oysters in the world grow in the unique confluence of Plymouth, Kingston, and Duxbury Bays. The result is an unimaginably refreshing oyster. Warren Cove has everything that make Massachusetts world-famous for Oyster production.

Find an Oyster: 

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Chef – California & The Baja Crush It In July!

California Coast & Sea of Cortez

Baja Reef

Chapter 2: “White” Fish

White Seabass (Atractoscion nobilis)

White Bass3

Pacific White Seabass is an inspirational, seasonal rock star! The season opens fully this week with plenty of stellar fish now coming from the Baja and into Southern California a bit later. The White Seabass is a sustainability success story who’s management models are now mimicked by many fisheries. With a terrific return of biomass and an outstanding taste, texture and visual appeal, the White Seabass certainly is deserving of its place on inventive and indulgent menus around Southern California. When menu development teams search for species with light yet boastful flavors, the White Seabass fills the niche. It offers a large, loose flake that is brimming with moisture. The cooked flesh displays an admirable stark white that is an impeccable centerpiece for the brilliant ingredient colors of Summer. Now is the time to order Pacific White Seabass. The catch numbers are lofty. Great runs are expected this entire week, and has a direct opportunity for the concentration of offloads. If you need a budget crusher to finish the 2nd and begin the 3rd quarters, White Seabass should be on your menu and feature boards. Sophistication with an impressive value…

California Halibut/Flounder (Paralichthys californicus)

Halibut Cortez3

California Halibut is a prized monster “Flounder” that truly brings the best of Flatfish to the SoCal seafood scene. Large “Barn Door” beasts make statements while maintaining a very light and clean flavor profile. A host of cooking methods ensure a perfect flake with ample moisture. Whether you are looking for a traditional dish or pushing the limits of eclecticism, Cali Hali can be introduced with ease. It also opens up to the demure seafood diners who use the word “fishy”. While we think that word is profane, it is used by diners from time to time. This can be addressed with a resounding “No”. This is an incredibly mild and sweet fish that transcends the hesitations of the timid. The season is open, and we have your Flatfish.

Baya Grouper (Mycteroperca jordani)

Grouper Baya2

Baya, meaning Gulf, are the explication of “Big Grouper”. Market sized at “30 up”, the Baya Grouper offer that “baseball” cut that screams “Steakhouse”, while providing the sweetness and flake that makes Grouper so popular. This species offer the brilliance of white translucence and a stunning, yet slim, bloodline. The attractive Baya Grouper offers not only a phenomenal dining experience, but also a great harvest origin story. Baya Grouper, and other offerings are caught utilizing a fishing technique called hand-lining. Baja Peninsula fishermen have perfected this centuries old style and load their Pangas with the most prized species in the Pacific and Gulf of California. This is a tale of family, village, and heritage. This is a species that truly relates the guests to a fantastic dining experience as well as a historical fishery. Daily trucks reach the docks and transport the haul directly to San Diego for overnight shipping. Freshness and quality are paramount to the fishermen as well as It is our privilege to support this fishery. For a fantastic Grouper, try Baya in your next feature.