Celebrate The Holidays – Advent Calender

Winter Polar Halibut

The holidays are right around the corner. is excited to feature a Wintertime Halibut from the polar circle. Our Day Boat fleet of nine Norwegian “Sjark Boats” fishes short trips in the Barent Sea. Ultra-fresh, flown weekly into the United States, this halibut is a perfect feature for your December menu.

Lone Mountain Ranch Wagyu

Acquired in 1965 by Marion and Glen Lloyd, the Ranch served as the stomping grounds for the extended family while they raised various breeds of commercial cattle. Mary Lloyd Estrin and her husband Robert (Bob) Estrin took the reins of the Ranch in the mid-90s, spending cherished time on the land while cultivating a new legacy for the Ranch. After experiencing Wagyu beef at a Santa Monica restaurant in 2004, Bob knew the future of the family Ranch lay on his plate. In 2005, Bob purchased his first two 100% Fullblood Wagyu Bulls, transitioning the entire herd from conventional cattle to 100% Fullblood Wagyu by 2008. Located in Golden, New Mexico, between Santa Fe and Albuquerque on the historic Turquoise Trail, the Lone Mountain Ranch is a treasured and enchanting swath of land. Nestled between the San Pedro and Oritz Mountain ranges, this 27,000-acre plot is a vibrant ecosystem anchored by the lone mountain that guards the valley. We value this very special place as a piece of our heritage and take great care in nurturing it.

Maine Wild Sea Scallops

Get your Sea Scallop recipes in “Holiday mode”. December 1st opened the Maine Scallop Season and unites again with some of the freshest Day Boat Scallops Maine has to offer. This small Day Boat fleet of divers and dredgers are rigged and ready. The Scallops’ commercial harvest bolsters 6 day work weeks. The weeks consist of half diving beginning December 1st and ending April 15th, and half dredging beginning December 5th and ending March 29th. Each shipment of Day Boat Sea Scallops state F/V or Divers’ names to ensure you and your guests the trace-ability of these immaculate Scallops. Reach out to to get your Holiday menus secured.


The Spencer Gulf prawn fishery leads the way in environmentally sustainable fishing practices, which is now being role-modelled worldwide. Recently this was acknowledged through being awarded Marine Stewardship Council Certification. Spencer Gulf King Prawns are an Australian product, caught and packed in Australia. The highest level of quality control is maintained, ensuring presentation, flavor, and product life is preserved.

Wild Nigerian Tiger Prawns are an alien species to many waters far from their Asian origin. They are considered invasive, and eating them could be viewed as stewarding ecological balance. Wild Nigerian Prawns are an incredible tasting and an awe inspiring product. With correct culinary application, the Wild Tiger Prawn can be the summit of the “Seafood Feature”. A hearty initial snap that finishes buttery and succulent, Tiger Prawns are “Giant” in proportions (some 10-13″ long), and have vast culinary applications. Wild Nigerian Tiger Prawns will have your guests “Marketing” your restaurant to everyone they encounter.

arabineros are “Parte superior del mundo”. Top of the world!!! Carabineros reign supreme in Mediterranean Fine Dining. Red Shrimp boast a natural Lobster-Like Sweetness and a very robust “Sea” flavor. Revered for the almost absurd size the Carabinero is by far the largest Red Shrimp on the market. Culinary applications demand skill and respect of the product. Treat as a delicate small Lobster and it becomes a protein without reproach nor equal.

Nantucket Bay Scallops

Captain Jeff Henderson of the F/V Miss Alice has been fishing the Nantucket Harbor and surrounding scallop grounds for decades. Over the years he has developed an almost uncanny knack to always locate these succulent bivalves regardless of the conditions. Jeff works with 15 other boats and skippers during the course of the Season to provide with “Nannys” direct from his “Scallop Shanty” to your guests plates within 24 hours from live shuck.

Nantucket bay scallops are harvested by fishermen in small boats from the shores and bays of Nantucket Island using hand dredges. Scallops are landed live, taken ashore and immediately shucked, often by the fishermen themselves in dockside shucking shanties. Fishing for bays can be restrictive: besides heavy winds and ice that can keep the boats tied, fishermen are actually forbidden from harvest if the air temperature is lower than 28°F before 10 AM. Because the water is warmer than the air, scallops will die immediately once dredged, killing both undersized juveniles who would be cast back along with the marketable catch. And although the season is opened until March, it is not uncommon for fishermen to stop fishing altogether once the harbor freezes up entirely, sometimes as early as the first week of January. Nantucket Bay scallops are smaller than sea scallops, and are about the tip of the thumb once shucked (60-80 per lb or 60-80 count). The meat itself is the abductor muscle of the scallop, and has a sweet, mild taste that is unequalled anywhere. Nantucket Bays are especially sought after because of their ability to be served raw when fresh, and at their ability to caramelize beautifully when put to heat. Super fresh Nantucket bay scallops can and SHOULD be enjoyed raw. Some sushi connoisseurs swear that the scallop is the greatest raw bar selection. Otherwise, bay scallops are preferred in ceviche dishes or are baked with herbs, wrapped in bacon, skewered and grilled, or battered and deep-fried or lightly pan-seared until the edges are a crispy brown. Simply one of the best treats that the ocean can offer.

Florida Stone Crab Claws

2016’s Stone Crab Season is going very well. We look at the abundance of this sustainable fishery as a shining symbol of Holiday Magic. The crab are moving well and finding the traps daily. invites all of our Chefs to incorporate this stunning, sweet, mellow, and succulent Crab Claw in any of your Holiday menus.

Florida Stone Crab harvests are one of the most “sustainable” crab industries in the world. Only the larger claw is removed, returning the live Stone Crab to the water to regenerate another claw.


Ocean Tides – Stone Crab Claws

The Crab 

(Menippe mercenaria)

October 15th opens the coveted Florida Stone Crab Season. We are positioned to be your direct Fresh Claw ambassadors. Florida Stone Crab Claws are an easily marketable, fine dining, menu-able product that holds the utmost “Briny Sweetness”. From Miami to Phoenix to Vegas to L.A., the Stone Crab has starred in the successes of many of our customers. is striving to promote these seasonal phenomena to anyone who would like to serve the best… Florida Stone Crab Claws! These delicious, revered, and celebrated claws have a “hand” in launching a nation-wide love of the iconic Crab House. Restaurants have, for decades, worked to refine their presentation and application for Fine Dining. This has brought Stone Crab Claws to their highest culinary pinnacle. The Stone Crab boasts one of the sweetest flavor profiles of any crustacean, and will be positioned as a direct shipping avenue for the freshest Stone Crab Claw.
Stone Crab traps will hit the Atlantic and Gulf on October 15th! invites you to reach out to our experts to secure this program for you and your guests. Preorders will be accepted, and they are highly recommended.

The Fisheries

(Gulf Of Mexico & South Atlantic) has a long standing relationship with the Watermen of Florida whose livelihood depends on these crustaceans.   Just south of Tallahassee, in the heart of Florida’s “Big Bend” region is the port City of Saint Marks. This is the water side home of Richard, Andy, and Johnny. They are brothers from a family that has fished Apalachee Bay and the Gulf of Mexico for six generations. They each captain a boat in the family’s five boat fleet. The most notable end result of their efforts is the renowned claw of the Apalachee Stone Crab.
Atlantic Stone Crab is also highly sought, and has an incredibly secure position in National Distribution. Through our “Florida Direct” Program, we source only the highest quality product available for next day delivery to our customers. This is an opportunity for our customers to doubly expand their reach into a competitive and aggressively desired menu-able product line. In each location, the Claws are meticulously harvested, brought to dock, and masterfully steamed and chilled for the highest quality Claws on the market. They are then packed and shipped within hours.
Florida Stone Crab harvests are one of the most “sustainable” crab industries in the world. Only the larger claw is removed, returning the live Stone Crab to the water to regenerate another claw. Wooden traps have historically made “Crab Hunting” by Octopus, (natural crab predators), very easy.’s partners have found opportunity in this environmental reality. They utilize heavy steel traps to prohibit the Octopus from entering. They also position Octopus Pot Traps nearby to capture the Cephalopods. These Octopus Traps also capture Black Sea Bass which will accompany the Crab and Octopus back to Dock for next day delivery to your restaurant! Consider all of the benefits to a direct line into Florida’s finest seafood for your Autumn Menu. can fill that need and much more.

The Process

(From Deck to Dinner)

In the pre-dawn hours of October 15 th , Captains loaded with traps will sail to their hallowed crab grounds and begin a process that runs until mid May.  Four days a week they will pull pots between the hours of 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., followed by claw processing from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  They bait and set tens of thousands crab pots in a fishing zone spread over hundreds of miles and in waters ranging from 6 to 35 feet in depth. Thousands of pots are pulled, fished, and re-baited each fishing day.
Claws must be of legal size.  Once a pot is pulled, the claws are measured, one legal claw is removed and the crab is tossed back into the water.  The crab men are adept in identifying egg bearing female crabs and these are instantly returned to the sea with both claws still intact.
The claws are not iced on the boat as this will cause the meat to stick to the shell after processing.  Upon returning to the docks, the claws are graded as follows: Colossal (1-2 ct), Jumbo (2-3 ct), Large (3-5 ct), Selects (6 ct) and Medium (7-8 ct).  Selects are perfect for restaurants desiring claws that are all the same size.  After grading, the claws are steamed at a maximum temperature and held for ten minutes before being “shocked” in an ice bath to reduce the temperature. They are then packed and shipped to your receiving docks and kitchen doors.

Stone Crab Season Opens October 15th, 2016

Call for to secure your first run.


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Seasonal Alert: St. Marks, FL Stone Crab Claws October 15th

Stone Crab Claws - Fresh, Ready To Steam

Stone Crab Claws – Fresh, Ready To Steam

Seasonal Alert October 15th

Florida Stone Crab Opens

 Just south of Tallahassee, in the heart of Florida’s “Big Bend” region, is the port city of St. Marks, Florida. This is the water side home of Richard, Andy, and Johnny Lynn. They are brothers from a family that has fished the Apalachee Bay and Gulf of Mexico for six generations. They each captain a boat in the family’s five boat fleet. The most notable of their efforts is the renowned claw of the Florida Stone Crab. The Apalachee claws are meticulously harvested, brought to dock, steamed, and chilled to provide the highest quality Stone Crab Claw available in the market today. After chilling, they are packed and shipped nationally by within just a few hours. will once again be positioned as the #1 direct shipping avenue for the Apalachee Stone Crab Claw nationally. Our relationship with this program is more than just distribution – it is rooted and honored in the efforts of Richard, Andy, and Johnny by providing their earnestly gained livelihood to the best Chefs in the United States. We ship priority overnight direct from the Lynn Family dock in St. Marks. There is no faster turn around in Florida Stone Crab distribution, and we want to be your #1 supplier.

Mark your calendars – 6,000-7,000 traps will hit the Apalachee Bay on October 15th! invites you to reach out to our expert staff to secure this program for you and your guests!