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From some of the world’s best Red Abalone of Baja to California’s Diver Harvested Sea Urchin, and  the Pot Trapped Spot Prawns of Santa Barbara, Southern California has  a knack for showing off in the seafood world. This week we look at some of the most coveted species in our extensive line up. If you are looking for the best of unique seafood for your menu, look to the specialty offering of Southern California.

Red Abalone – “Awabi”
(Haliotis rufescens)

Baja Red Abalone is where a Clam’s salinity meets a Scallop’s sweetness. This is an effortless union of mollusks’ most desired characteristics. When purchasing live Abalone preparation is the key to bringing a very delicate finish to Red Abalone. If cleaned to the “foot”, gently tenderized, and sliced raw Abalone is an elevated item for Sushi and Crudo. Are you perfecting Sous Vide? Abalone should be your next protein. Bringing to the front the tenderness and “butter” of Abalone could be your “64 Degree Egg”.  Purchased live, meats, and tenderized steaks should make for easy discernment of what your recipe needs. Aquaculture has improved dramatically from the late eighties and early nineties. One premier example is the the Baja Red Abalone. Utilizing circulated sea water and highly oxygenated environments, the facility is an adequate filtration system for the adjacent environment. Great care is taken in the handling of the abalone to produce the highest quality Sashimi product. The Red Abalone is fed a quick growth Seaweed and subsequent food in the sea water. The Abalone are packed Live with additional oxygen to ensure the freshest delivery to our Chefs.

Sea Urchin – “Uni”
(Strongylocentrotus franciscanus )

Hand harvested California Urchin produce one of the most admired Uni in dining. There is no denying the allure of the buttery delicacy that is Sea Urchin. It finds itself as a favorite of those who crave the unadulterated taste of sea creatures. Its punch-to-the-mouth Pacific heft transitions to a buttery silk that finishes with a prolific sweetness. Urchin is an echinoderm with no edible equal. From California Gold Grade allowing the perfect Sushi and Crudo presentations to sauces and desserts from the Vana offering, Uni has a feasibility for any seafood approach. Purchased live or expertly processed and graded, Urchin and its Uni offer a peculiarity while anchoring the essence of seafood dining. The flavor of the Sea.

Spot Prawn – “Amaebi”  
(Pandalus platyceros

Fresh Kill California Spot Prawns or “Sweet Shrimp” convey a towering representation of Amebi. Deep dwelling Spot Prawns submit abundant moisture and remarkable confection. There comes but very few crustaceans that warrant the reputation that is given to California Spot Prawns. From La Jolla to Coronado the locals know that there is no equivalent to a raw or butter sauteed tail , or a crunchy fried head from the California Spot Prawn. represents a very unique availability for California Spot Prawns. Captured and held live until ordered, our Spot Prawns are then submersed into an icy slurry that kills instantly and preserves the quality of the meat while slowing enzymatic reactions in the thorax and head. This presents the perfect Sushi ingredient and offers an ultimate protein for countless cooking or crudo techniques. Live shipping is available, but carries higher risks of mortality. California Spot Prawns are the Prawn of legend. Ask anyone who has spent time on the West Coast.

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