Ocean Tides – Spiny Lobster

Chef – Florida Spiny Lobster Season is Here.

Saturday kicked off the 2016 Florida Spiny Lobster Season. The Season will run for eight months with bountiful projections. is positioned to acquire Lobsters from various Florida coastal locations to secure the best available for our customers. With Priority Overnight shipping, we guarantee a direct source and incomparable quality. See why Spiny Lobster is so often celebrated in restaurants across coastal southern states.

Spiny Lobster

(Panulirus argus)

Commonly referred to as the Florida spiny lobster, the Caribbean spiny lobster inhabits tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico. Spiny lobsters get their name from the forward-pointing spines that cover their bodies to help protect them from predators. They vary in color from almost white to dark red-orange. The spiny lobster is a highly sought delicacy and brings recreational “hunters” from all over the country and beyond to seek this intriguing species. The tail of the spiny lobster offers succulence and sweetness while maintaining a clean flavor and unmistakable texture. It adapts to a multitude of cooking methods and recipes. From steam, court-bullion, and butter poaching to the open flames of the grill, the spiny lobster meets each technique with the same remarkable end… DELICIOUSNESS.

Lobster Dish2

Spiny lobster is a highly marketable and renowned seafood item. The possible challenges of “introducing” a seafood item or ingredient to your guests are not present with this acclaimed favorite. Offering a historic coastal specialty in many national markets is what makes so pleased with our, direct from Florida, spiny lobster program. Contact us for your specialized spiny lobster menu option, and allow us to assist in “building” a perfect Florida box.

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October 1st – California Spiny Lobster Season Opens

Lobster California Spiny Promo

Traps hit the water the first Wednesday of October each year. This year will be the first day of October. Nothing says “Welcome to Autumn” like California Spiny Lobster. California Spiny Lobster boasts more “Fat” than most Spiny and Rock Lobster Species. These seasonal delicacies are the creamiest and silkiest Spiny on the market, and can be your direct source. works closely with the Lobstermen of Santa Barbara, CA and the Northern Baja Peninsula. Spiny Lobster are a paramount part of Fishing revenues for the Santa Barbara Fishery, and Baja Fishing Villages. We want for their success as we want for yours. Menu-able Spiny Lobster is a dedication to product consistency, impeccable quality, conscientious spending, and culinary diversity.’s California Spiny Lobster will align with all of these characteristics.

Overnight restaurant distribution puts California Spiny Lobster into your cooler hours from harvest, and is one of the quickest turnarounds in national supply. Direct Air-Freight is the premium delivery avenue, and we do it very well. Allow to provide you, your staff, and your guests with Autumn Menu Items, Featured Specialties, and Staple Proteins.