A Visit To Harlow NYC

Branzino - Wasabi Stem Gremolata, Crispy Hearts of Palm (

Branzino – Wasabi Stem Gremolata, Crispy Hearts of Palm (

“Swanky seafood surfaces in Midtown at this subterranean newcomer that’s an out-of-the-box hit with high-flying high-society types; no surprise the price tags are hefty, but payoffs include gorgeous staffers, serious cocktails, and a glamorous setting outfitted with deco furniture, ornate plasterwork and a sleek raw bar.” – Zagat

My Father – in his retirement – resurrected his passion for making art, and although he lives in Northern Kentucky, his mix of “Art History” and “Surrealism” caught the eye of a gallery curator in Chelsea. He was asked to display four pieces in a show, so my wife Mary and I headed to New York City for a weekend to attend his opening (Agora Gallery Feat. Sam Hollingsworth).

When we travel, Mary and I generally look to soak up the local scene, take in the culture, and seek out amazing food and this trip was no different. Mixed into an enjoyable walk in Central Park, a visit the Guggenheim, and window shopping on Madison Avenue, we enjoyed a breakfast sandwich near Gramercy Park, hand-made mini doughnuts in Hell’s Kitchen and house cured Salmon on the Upper East Side. However, the biggest highlight (outside of my Father’s display) was a trip to Harlow, a customer.

My goal when visiting any customer is to experience the restaurant like any other guest, so we made our reservation through OpenTable. We found Harlow to be a stunningly beautiful space mixing art deco with modern lines and sensibilities. The wait staff was friendly, professional, and well-versed on the menu. I’m on a Spanish wine kick right now and found an excellent Priorat blend. The menu was full of unique seafood, and I was proud to see three items featured on the menu including our Salt Prawns. We had a number of things including the crudo Hamachi sparsely adorned with a soy salt called “soyu.” The umami in this light, flaky finishing ingredient was incredible. The Branzino from was filleted and cooked perfectly and I am still craving the Wasabi Gremolata served alongside. Harlow’s kitchen, under direction of Executive Chef Danny Ye, clearly demonstrates a deep passion and understanding of their craft. Cheers!

At the end of the meal, I did get the opportunity to visit with Chef Rick Liang in the kitchen and thank him for his support. would not be what it is today without customers who value the quality of their seafood, the dedication of our associates, and the service we provide. The most rewarding part of the visit was when I was stopped by several servers on the way out. They thanked me for our great product and shared that the Branzino was the best seller on the menu and they were proud to recommend it to their guests!

What a great partnership!!!

Chad Hollingsworth

Your Valentine’s Day Menu – 500 Two-Tops All Night Long!!

U7 Wild African Saltwater Prawn - Head On Presentation

U7 Wild African Saltwater Prawn – Head On Presentation

In a few short weeks it will be Valentine’s Day. In frenzied pursuit of excellence, with the task of topping last year in mind, your patrons will plan for the biggest night out of the year. Will they ask your valet to “check the trunk for flowers and a note to sneak in… shhh…?” Will they beg your hostess to run across the street to the florist and have flowers on the table? Will they sneak a diamond ring into a glass of champagne? While we cannot be sure what they have in store for you, one thing is certain – we can be part of their decision – AND, if our customers are truly as important to us as we say they are, we can be part of their solution! Is February 14th Amateur Night? Maybe. Let’s forget about that this year, and let’s treat them like PROS!! And maybe.. just maybe.. they’ll stick around for your coaching all year. So, chin-up, eyes open, tell the front of the house to put their game face on – and line up 500 2-tops with your primo menu options this year. Let’s Get It On!

The Usual… Done Unusually Well
Experience tells us Valentine’s patrons want the ABC’s done to the nines! They want lobster, tuna, shrimp, and tenderloin. We know they probably won’t take a chance on the killer new Korean BBQ or Octopus Carpaccio dish you came up with this winter. Still, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to have fun. Give them their lobster… But, why not Australian Spiny? Shrimp? We can get that done, but let’s go with New Zealand Scampi or U7 Wild African Salt Prawns. Tenderloin? Fresh American Bison grilled to perfection. Heritage pork? Yep – we have Duroc Red Hog all day! Easy, no frills white fish? Bronzino fillet fresh, direct from Greece… Let’s give them what they want and still blow their minds. This way we all have some fun. Here are the 2013 top picks from TeamSeafoodS:

2013 Top Valentine’s Day Picks

We have lowered pricing and optimized sourcing for each of our top picks this year. So, call your partner here at TeamSeafoodS right away and let us help you plan for this year’s two-top mad night. We are here to help. Keeping you excited inspired and profitable is our business.

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