Ocean Tides – Spring Menu 4th Edition

Chef – Pollen is Falling. Spring is Here!

Spring is one of the most versatile times of year for seafood selection and one of our favorites for big seasonal openings. Many species hit the market to set your culinary calendar on a path through the warm weather months. Seasonal blooming of plants energize the diner. It brings about their natural voraciousness in feeding, traveling, romancing, and experimenting with menus a bit less known to them. This make s it a perfect time to bring in the things that match the guests’ sense of adventure. For the next few weeks, will shine light on the coolest offerings of Springtime. Both Flora and Fauna will be represented in  our goal of making your Spring menu elaborately and functionally strong.


Miner’s Lettuce – Winter Purslane

(Claytonia perfoliata)

While the nights are still cool and damp, a wonderful Spring green emerges. The Miner’s Lettuce is a wild Purslane that embodies the onslaught of plant life that accompanies the copious availability of Spring. Miner’s Lettuce is a North American native. It is one of the only “salad” lettuces that did not arrive with foreign settlers. A true piece of Americana Cuisine. This “little” Lettuce has a “big” punch. A small salad’s worth of Miner’s Lettuce provides a third of a diner’s daily allowance of Vitamin C, over twenty percent of Vitamin A, and ten percent of Iron. This “Superfood” with domestic roots brings a deep “green” flavor with a hint of mineral and sweetness. It’s name originates from the California Gold Rush miners who sought out the plump leaves to stave off scurvy from its high Vitamin concentration. Its uses are vast with a propensity for raw, blanched or sauteed applications. Miner’s Lettuce pairs extremely well with the harvest of the season adding bright “citrus” to Morel and Chanterelle dishes and a pop of brilliant color to Alaskan Halibut’s stark white flesh.

Yellowtail Jack – Wild Hamachi

(Seriola lalandi dorsalis)

From small fishing villages along the northern part of the Baja Peninsula, Day Boat Fishermen set out in small Wooden Pangas for a day of hand lining and scallop diving. The honor of tradition and familial unity are drivers in this amazing Day Boat program. Wild hand lined Baja Yellowtail Jack (aka Hamachi) are an intricate part of Baja fisheries. With a healthy biomass running between the open Pacific and the Gulf of California, it has long been a staple species for the Panga fishermen. Yellowtail Jack feed veraciously on a bounty of schooling “bait” fish as well as squid, and crab. The vastness of the Yellowtail Jacks’ diet translates to a rich and deep flavor profile. Natural oils provide an abundant moisture that is incredibly resistant to high heat cooking applications. The profound color of the raw flesh is a distinctive marker for identifying this species as wild. It has a deep pink to red that is unique to its varied diet. As value is perceived, this option in Yellowtail is absolute. Direct lines into San Diego from Baja allow for the price to remain stable and very approachable. Yellowtail Jack is a Spring Menu winner.

Silver Corvina – Shortfin Weakfish

(Cynoscion parvipinnis)

Resembling smaller Pacific White Seabass, the Silver Corvina has a mild flaky texture. It is a clean and versatile protein that holds a plethora of application. This is one of the best Ceviche fish on the market, and can be utilized in any large snapper and grouper recipe. A leader in profitability, the Corvina tastes and presents as a high level “white” fish that is easily marketed to the most discerning or timid seafood diner. Corvina are represented in distribution from many different regions. The early Spring brings Silver Corvina into the Gulf of California where hand line Panga fishermen target the species for an early jump on the season’s haul. Silver Corvina are close relatives to Red Drums, Sea Trout, and Weakfish. Their almost seamless transition into favored recipes for Redfish allow the Silver Corvina to shine in those preparations. Silver Corvina offer a comparable showcase for many applications and “sets”. The light, clean and flaky flesh suggests fine dining in every possibility.

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