Thank You for a Tremendous 2014

Happy New Year

And in a blink, 2014 passed. We hope that your New Year’s Eve service went splendidly with many outstanding dishes and enamored guests. Team SeafoodS is honored to have played any part of your success, and we welcome any opportunity to serve you in this new year.

As you wake with a sense of nostalgia for 2014, and a raging ambition to begin 2015, we wanted to convey our deepest gratitude. Your dedication to making individual components come together in artistic and delicious creations is an art that not only nourishes the body, but gives sustenance to life itself. Each of us wants to be doted over, and preparing a meal is a defining act of care. Tireless effort combined with leadership, knowledge, skill, and an adventurous spirit is what heightens a great cook to a phenomenal chef. knows this because each week you share with us, not only your ingredient needs, but also your ideas, pictures, stories, recipes, and your culinary instinct. For these things, we are appreciative beyond measure, and to be a part of a Chef’s professional advancements is humbling, to say the least. commits to continue the points of service that wins and retains your business, and ultimately become your most trusted advocate in procurement. This is our promise . Help us expand this promise by submitting your needs and challenges. Allow us to be an anchor in your supply.

We wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Seasonal Alert – Baja Day Boat Fresh Shrimp


Thinking Shrimp is craving Shrimp. There’s probably a song there somewhere. Shrimp is the most beloved, consumed, and requested seafood in the world. Snap, crunch, sweet, butter, and deliciousness are the reasons, and wants to put the best of snap, crunch, butter, and deliciousness in your walk-in.

Baja Fresh Shrimp provide a bright balance that stands on its own in the sometimes congested shrimp offering. Litopenaeus vannamei. Widely known as Mexican White Shrimp or Whitelegs, the Baja Shrimp have a unique “fat’ from cold Pacific waters. The nutrient rich Sea of Cortez and Gulf of California supply the algae blooms that fuel this Fall migrations.

Harvested off of the fishing villages of the Baja Peninsula, day boat trips produce small catch, hand graded, superior Shrimp for you and your guests. Coastal quality anywhere. Feature it this weekend.

Long Live the King… Salmon

Salmon King

The Reign is Changing.

As Fishermen in the Northwest report that the Fishing of King Salmon is slowing , looks to the best option to replace these seasonal species. Let’s face it. There is no “cold turkey” when weening your guests from their King Salmon fondness. That’s why we look at some transitional products to ease them into your next big menu change. 

King Salmon! Everyone loves the silkiness of a great King Salmon. The name itself has been a monster self marketing tool for you and your staff. “King Salmon” and “Chinook” just roll off of the tongues of servers and the words  seem to leap off of the menu. Transitioning King Salmon is one of the most simple. New Zealand’s Ora King Salmon, or New Zealand’s Sanford Ltd King Salmon

Each have a great offering of the highest quality Chinook. New Zealand Kings consistently honor the species and directly apply themselves to the most enthusiastic recipe. New Zealand King Salmon boast deep color, optimal fat content, and a healthy glisten. These fish are a pinnacle in conscientious protein sourcing, and one of the best options for menu transition.