Ocean Tides – Mother’s Day Edition

Chef – Make a Special Day for a Special Lady!


Veterans to the F&B Industry typically celebrate Monday with Mom. It is historically one of the two busiest Sundays of the year. Whether you are planning for a la carte brunch and dinner, or you’ve crafted the finest banquet in town, wants to assist. We look forward each year to facilitate the needs of our customers and carefully select and offer the perfect products for your Mother’s Day successes.  Many of us at have navigated menu planning, careful scheduling, flower procurement, long prep lists, booth naps, storage “Tetris”, and multi-day shifts in preparation of a celebration. A celebration of Mom. It is daunting, but satisfying. It’s the joy of treating someone’s mother, (rarely our own), to a lavish Sunday. After all, they’ve done so much.  We want to assist. We can combine many of your order guides into one easy step. Call Our team of experts can source the finest products that you may need. It clears your desk and gets you back in the trenches.

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Ocean Tides – New England Oysters

Chef – New England Oysters   

 August Pearls

Oysters2 let’s you inspire the kitchen and treat your guests to the extraordinary! Each month will supplement your monthly menu planning by featuring a seasonal direct program from a specific region of the globe. Our direct programs will bring the outstanding culinary experience of each region directly to your restaurant, menu, team, and guests.

August is here and we look to the Shellfish of New England. This week we take on a vast and varied market; the Northeast Oyster. We’ll focus on the famed production locations of Canada, Maine, and Massachusetts. When you find a perfect Oyster Line Up, please contact your sales rep today to build your ideal box.

Chapter 5: Oysters

Eastern Oysters  (Crassostrea virginica)

August has no “R”. That’s okay. The rule of “R” was created before the invention of mechanical refrigeration. It made very little sense to spend more for the ice to keep the Oysters cold than the Oysters themselves. With modern systems in place, it is safe to serve oysters year-round.

Eastern Oysters of New England and Canada are as varied as the waters that they inhabit. Oysters are a unique seafood in that they possess the flavors, brine and qualities of the environment in which they are grown. The majority of New England and Canadian Oysters are farmed with the exception of a very few wild harvests. The Oysters are typically named for the beach, bay, river, sound, island, or town from which they are raised. Each with its specific signature in size, taste, shell, and shape, the Eastern Oyster can take your guests on a terrific journey up and down the New England Coast. is fortunate to offer one of the largest variety and availability in Oysters. Our Overnight Shipping allows our customers the opportunity to serve Oysters with no geographic limitations. Though we offer nearly 100 varieties from around the world, we look this week to the briny shores of New England and neighboring Canada.


Canadian Oysters

Canadian Oysters are prized for the deep cup and typically small width. Covering the areas of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, the availability is immense. The intense brine of a Canadian Oyster is unmistakable. Here are some of Canada’s most marketable Oysters.
Malpaque – Prince Edward Island:
Grown in Malpaque Bay, these Oysters are true “Boutique”. A relatively small Oyster with a deep cup. Big brine with a significant “crunch” and a sweet clean finish.
Fancy Sweet Carraquette – New Brunswick:
Fancy Sweet is the smallest Carraquette oyster on the market place. Highly mineralized water often gives the meat a dark color but contributes to its uniqueness and fresh flavor. A “sweet” oyster by smell and equally “sweet” by taste.
Malagash – Nova Scotia:
These medium standard oysters are grown in the Malagash Basin on the north shore of Nova Scotia. In spite of the extreme northern location, growing conditions and results in these cold North Atlantic waters are terrific for this unique 3 to 3 ½ inch oyster. Malagash oysters have a mildly salty flavor with a slightly smoky, mineral finish.

Maine Oysters

Maine Oysters have the benefit of an incredibly mineral rich waterfront. Maine oysters grow slowly. While southern oysters can reach market size in a year or less, a Maine oyster needs three years minimum. A four-year-old, cold-water Maine oyster has a glorious depth of texture and flavor.
Black Bear Points – Bagaduce River:
These 3+ inch medium cup oysters are mild with a clean finish and a sun bleached shell. They are surface grown on the Bagaduce River just north of Bear Head by the growers of the Little Island Oyster. Tended by hand, the only machinery used in the raising of this oyster is a solar-powered grader/tumbler.
Pemaquid – Damariscotta River:
Grown in the deep holes of the Damariscotta River, the Pemaquid have a light and lemony flavor. Growing very large, up to 5 inches, the Pemaquid only gets more interesting as they grow.
Belon ( Ostrea edulis) North American Flats – Boothbay Harbor:
A minuscule 5,000 Belon a year are pulled in Maine and sold, making them one of the rarest oysters in the world. Rowan Jacobsen states, “these wild oysters are as powerful as any on the planet, redolent of fish and zinc and umami-not for the faint of heart.”

Massachusetts Oysters

Massachusetts Oysters rival any on the planet. The abundant salinity of its shores offer a brine and “pickle-like liveliness” that make the Massachusetts Oyster industry one of the nations most revered. Massachusetts is inherently proud of a long and rich history of Oyster production. Some harvest locations have been producing Oysters for over two centuries
Wellfleet – Wellfleet Estuary:
These 3 to 3 ½ inch oysters have always been enjoyed extensively throughout Cape Cod. Wellfleets resemble Malpeques in their light body and clean finish, but they are even saltier. A varied assortment of growing and farming methods develop an especially plump and hearty New England oyster with consistent size and shape.
Cotuit – Cotuit Bay:
A Cotuit Oyster is well-known and demanded by oyster enthusiasts in many parts of the world for its naturally briny, Cape Cod flavors and perfectly, palatable half shell size. Dating back to 1857, The Cotuit Oyster Company produces one of the oldest brand name oysters in the United States. This is the only shellfish farm operating in Cotuit Bay and is currently utilizing over 33 acres of perfect oyster growing waters. There are a number of fresh water streams, marshes and estuaries that combine with clean water from Nantucket Sound and enter Cotuit Bay through the Wianno Cut and Cotuit Channel. This is the key to providing the oysters a rich and diverse food supply.
Warren Cove – White’s Flat:
Some of the best oysters in the world grow in the unique confluence of Plymouth, Kingston, and Duxbury Bays. The result is an unimaginably refreshing oyster. Warren Cove has everything that make Massachusetts world-famous for Oyster production.

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Oysters – *Warning* Geo-Graphic Content.



What does a dozen oysters mean to your guests? Is it the perfect brine, the creamy finish? Maybe you and the team tried New Zealand wines to pair with the grassy, summer melon of the Coromandel. Ever wondered which Local Beer has the sweet caramel to take on the Massachusetts Salt of an East Beach Blonde? Can the diner find an oyster that can take them back to a vacation? The Nautilus can take them back to San Quentin. 

Point being we have all been looking for the right oyster line-up. The demographically pleasing to your regulars and inquisitive visitors. Looking for the best oysters is as fun as tasting tomatoes. We’ve grown you an a “garden” at Which one will you pick? is honored to offer over 130 specific harvest locations. From abroad to nearest you, we can offer your best list. Availability sometimes is determined by many conditions. Tide, water temp, wind condition can all leave oysters unharvested. You can tell the weather by a Oyster list. Check out Today’s Availability to browse Regional Selections

Valentine’s Day 2014 Menu Planning

Valentine's Day 2014 Menu Planning

Valentine’s Day 2014 Menu Planning

Timing is Key

While Valentine’s Day is a month away (Friday February 14, 2014), the time for menu planning is here. wants to make this the easiest procurement, with phenomenal product and service. While you look to the “Two-Top Bombardment”, we look to assist in the “Wow” of your menu. has the products to do just that!

Some products bring about “Free Marketing” thanks to Facebook, Instagram, and other Social platforms. Imagine the “Water Cooler” discussions about the “largest Shrimp ever seen”, or “the most tender Wagyu Beef”.

Here are a few “Show Stoppers” that we carry. We hope that it assists in your menu planning.