Ocean Tides Seasonal Menu Planning Guide ~ July Edition

Chef – California & The Baja Crush It In July!

California Coast & Sea of Cortez

Baja Reef let’s you inspire the kitchen and treat your guests to the extraordinary! Each month will supplement your monthly menu planning by featuring a seasonal direct program from a specific region of the globe. Our direct programs will bring the outstanding culinary experience of each region directly to your restaurant, menu, team, and guests. The month of July will feature the delicacies of the Deep Pacific rising into the California coast and the Gulf of California. Contact your sales rep today to build your ideal box.

Chapter 3: Yellowtail 

Baja Yellowtail Jack (Seriola lalandi)

Jack Yellowtail
Wild hand lined Baja Yellowtail Jack (aka Amberjack) are an intricate part of Baja fisheries. With a healthy biomass running between the open Pacific and the Gulf of California, it has long been a staple species for the Panga fishermen. Yellowtail Jack feed veraciously on a bounty of schooling “bait” fish as well as squid, and crab. The vastness of the Yellowtail Jacks’ diet translates to a rich and deep flavor profile. Natural oils provide an abundant moisture that is incredibly resistant to high heat cooking applications. The profound color of the raw flesh is a distinctive marker for identifying this species as wild. It has a deep pink to red that is unique to its varied diet. As value is perceived, this option in Yellowtail is absolute. Direct lines into San Diego from Baja allow for the price to remain low and approachable, and availability is strong for Menu-ability.

California “Sushi” Yellowtail Hamachi (Seriola lalandi dorsalis)

Jack Yellowtail canstockphoto17344276
California “Sushi” Yellowtail are lighter in flavor and color that their Southern cousins, but the richness of fats and oils make this a perfect opportunity to feature Hamachi crudo. The pronounced and intricate flavors of the Pacific are readily available in this species. With a brilliant balance of complex and clean, the California Yellowtail Hamachi is a highly marketable and very popular menu item. Day boat operators in the San Diego fleets bring carefully handled and incomparably fresh Yellowtail to a “hungry” domestic market. offers a direct purchasing opportunity. We can “land” this amazing option anytime the fish hits dock. If you are looking for a feature, California “Sushi” Yellowatil is the fish.

Baja Yellowtail Hiramasa (Seriola lalandi lalandi)

Jack NZ Kingfish

When your development teams discuss a stand alone Sashimi/Sushi/Crudo that embodies “High End” dining, bring to the tasting Baja Hiramasa. The firm, buttery texture and bright, mild flavor of Baja Hiramasa provides a delicious alternative to Hawaiian Kampachi and Japanese Hamachi. Thin to medium fillets with balanced fat content make Baja Yellowtail Hiramasa ideal for small plate presentations. The flavor, the richness, the usability is but a small party of the wonder of Baja Hiramasa. Its also a brilliant example of sustainable aquaculture.

Geographically located to ensure low carbon transport footprint. .

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) diminish pollution and disease in waters.

Semi-automated feeders and feed cameras prevent overfeeding.

Feed derived from sustaiy-sourced sardines in low Fish In-Fish Out (FIFO) ratio.

No use of antibiotics, hormones, paraciticides.

We offer Yellowatil for any menu. Allow us to test them all in your features.

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